Please join our series of webinars as we explore our new general English course for adult learners, StartUp. In each webinar, we discuss a different aspect of the course, discover what makes it innovative and how it can help you support your learners to progress successfully.

Dr Ken Beatty, our series consultant, explores how StartUp can help you as a teacher with new approaches to teaching, contemporary topics and innovative activities, personalizing your teaching, motivating your students and developing their skills.

Ken Beatty Pearson English

New approaches and materials for the adult classroom

Contemporary adult learners need new approaches and materials that address new needs in their social, professional, and academic English. New teacher approaches include being able to adjust lessons and tasks to work with more-able and less-able learners. New materials include online learning opportunities to extend classroom instruction.

Goals for contemporary adult English learners

Teaching English to today’s adult learners involves better understanding their goals for social, professional, and academic English. Teachers can address these goals with contemporary topics that help learners build on what they know and through innovative tasks that help learners show what they know.

Personalized, flexible teaching: helping adult language learners

Personalized and flexible teaching approaches are based on materials that allow the teacher to make decisions on teaching different skills in new ways, teaching traditionally or flipping learning, and re-ordering lessons to explore content in a variety of ways that meet individual learner needs.

Motivating the adult language learner

Motivation bridges the gap between learners’ needs and the development of their social, professional, and academic English. This session explores how teachers can build learners’ motivation through innovative high-interest audios and videos in a variety of genres combined with projects that make the most of their skills.

Developing skills that adult language learners need

Beyond reading, writing, listening, and speaking, adult language learners need a variety of other skills to address their needs for social, professional, and academic English. These skills include critical thinking and opportunities to express their ideas in different genres and media.

Thursday 6th June

5:00pm EDT