Welcome to True Stories Silver Edition

True Stories is a six-level reading series that provides entertaining stories and effective reading-skill instruction to English language learners, helping them build language skills through a carefully paced, step-by-step process.

The series is appropriate for low-beginning to high-intermediate learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language. The Silver Edition consists of revised editions of six of the highly successful and popular True Stories in the News books that have provided entertaining stories and effective reading skill instruction for many years.

In fact, the first book in that series was published over twenty-five years ago (hence the title “Silver” Edition). The True Stories series has been going strong ever since.

  • American English
  • Low-Beginning - High-Intermediate
  • Six levels
  • GSE: 24 - 63


  • a monkey stealing your groceries as you walk down the street
  • discovering that a map you bought for $3 was actually worth millions of dollars
  • finding your car twenty years after you lost it

These stories and more — humorous, poignant, astonishing — are true!

true stories silver edition

Six levels for your students*

*Note: The two books in the lowest levels are not part of the Silver Edition revision. Their content has not changed.

What’s New in the Silver Edition

  • New and updated stories maintain the high interest of the series and capture students’ imaginations.
  • A colorful new design makes the readings inviting and enhance students’ understanding and enjoyment of the stories.
  • A uniform unit structure runs across all six books in the edition, making it easy for students to move seamlessly from one level to the next.
  • Audio recordings of every reading. Every story in the series has been recorded and made available online for students or teachers to download.
  • Digital Resources including:
    • audio recordings of every reading
    • answer keys
    • teaching tips
    • additional practice activities
true stories
true stories

Other highlights

  • Pre-reading activities introduce the units visually to ease students into the readings.
  • Pre- and post-reading exercises develop vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
  • A structured discussion activity at the end of each unit prompts students to share their own “true stories.”
  • Interactive activities for pair and group work are ideal for multilevel classes.

The True Stories approach

The underlying premise in this series has always been that when second language learners are engaged in a pleasurable reading experience in the second language, then language learning will take place effortlessly and effectively.

The formula is simple.

  • Offer students a true story that fascinates and surprises them
  • Have them read and enjoy the story
  • Focus their attention on some useful vocabulary in the story
  • Confirm that they fully understand the story with reading comprehension exercises
  • Develop reading skills that progress from basic to more complex
  • Finally, use the content and the topic of the story to engage in discussion and writing tasks, from tightly structured to more open-ended.
true stories

Correlation guide

The Silver Edition has been aligned to the Global Scale of English, and the levels are identified with numbers. If you are familiar with the previous editions, you can use this chart to help you see how the previous edition's books align with the Silver Edition. 

Previous Edition

Silver Edition

Very Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based First Reader

True Stories Intro A (no change to ISBN)

All New Very Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based First Reader

True Stories Intro B (no change to ISBN)

Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based Beginning Reader

True Stories 1A

All New Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based Beginning Reader

True Stories 1B

True Stories in the News: A Beginning Reader

True Stories 2

More True Stories: A High-Beginning Reader

True Stories 3

Even More True Stories: An Intermediate Reader

True Stories 4

Beyond True Stories: A High-Intermediate Reader

True Stories 5

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