What is MyEnglishLab?

Learning doesn't stop once the bell rings and class is over. The interactive, online activities in MyEnglishLab make practising English fun. Teachers can keep track and parents can get involved.

An online learning tool that perfectly partners Big English for personalised practice and assessment.

MyEnglishLab provides an enriched learning environment and activities that are instantly graded and correlated to the course. It allows you the flexibility of personalising tasks for each student to help them reach their goals and instant access to a range of diagnostic tools.

Enriched Learning

Young learners actually enjoy doing homework with the fun and engaging activities on MyEnglishLab. It is easy and fun to practise and study online with MyEnglishLab for Big English.

Informed Teaching

Use MyEnglishLab to measure your students’ progress and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Quickly identify struggling students and spend more time teaching so your students can achieve their goals.

Flexible Solutions

Personalise tasks for the whole class, groups or individual students in just a few clicks. Set these to be completed to deadline or allow students to practise at their own pace.

What will you find in MEL?

Each unit corresponds to a unit in the Student Book and contains practice activities which are based on exercises from the Workbook. All the exercises are auto-graded, giving learners immediate feedback on their work. Audio is incorporated in the MyEnglishLab.

Try it for free!

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To access the Student experience: 

Username: be_prim_STU 

Password: Password@123 


To access the Teacher experience: 

Username: be_prim_EDU 

Password: Password@123