The future is bilingual

Accelerates language proficiency and builds literacy and academic skills.

New Cornerstone supports young learners where the English curriculum is extensive, as they strive for academic success and full English proficiency in a global environment.

Young learners prepare for future study and opportunities with an effective method that is aligned to Common Core State Standards.

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  • Suitable for 6 - 12 years old
  • 5 levels 
  • 10+ hours of English per week
  • American English (AE)
  • Mapped to the Global Scale of English

What makes New Cornerstone great?

cornerstone primary pearson english
  • Key concepts and vocabulary: each unit is organized around a big question and provides a starting point for building understanding.
  • Systematic skills development: three readings per unit develop academic skills and literacy.
cornerstone primary pearson english
  • Vocabulary acquisition: accelerate acquisition through explicit instruction.
  • Understanding by design: develop transferable academic skills through connected learning.
cornerstone primary pearson english
  • Grammar rules: clear explanations with examples and rules introduce key grammatical concepts.
cornerstone primary pearson english
  • Research-based reading and language skills instruction: balances content-area readings with age-appropriate, high-interest stories.
  • Digital resources: new Teacher and Student digital resources, including brand new videos, audio, EXAMVIEW® and Reader+.


  Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Student Edition 1A with Digital Resources 9780135232682        
Student Edition 1B with Digital Resources 9780135232705        
Student Edition with Digital Resources 9780135231944 9780135232699 9780135232712 9780135232729 9780135232736
Workbook 9780135244678 9780135234662 9780135234631 9780135234617 9780135234600
Teacher’s Edition with Digital Resources 9780135244685 9780135234594 9780135234587 9780135234556 9780135234549
Teacher’s Resource Book 9780135244692 9780135237632 9780135237618 9780135237588 9780135237601
Assessment 9780135244708 9780135237595 9780135237571 9780135237557 9780135237564
Picture Cards 9780135244722 9780135237533      
Posters 9780135244739 9780135237489 9780135425176 9780135425251 9780135425237

Perfect partners

New Keystone is a 4-level middle school series designed for students aged 12-15 years.

Together with New Cornerstone, New Keystone provides support for teaching students to gain the highest level of language proficiency and academic success.


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