My Disney Stars and Friends

Learn and grow together with your Disney Friends

My Disney Stars and Friends is a new Pre-Primary course for children aged 3 to 5.

The course brings together the magic of Disney and the rigor of Pearson educational content to give learners a fun and motivating start to language-learning.

  • English type: American English (audio available in British and American versions)
  • Levels: 
  • CEFR: <A1
  • GSE: 10-18
  • Hours: 2-5 per week
  • Suitable for: 3-5 year olds

What makes My Disney Stars and Friends special?

  • The perfect combination of delightful Disney characters and stories with real-life values and contexts
  • Development of Future Skills: building self-awareness, social awareness, persistence and growth
  • Built on rigorous pedagogical foundations and support material from an early age, through the Global Scale of English
  • Simple, flexible and easy to teach: clear classroom routines supported by carefully structured lessons
  • Comprehensive digital offering for every teaching scenario, including Presentation Tool and eBooks for students
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Disney stories and characters

Engaged children will learn better

Disney characters are instantly recognizable and help establish a known context for new language, making children feel safe and comfortable.

Each unit focuses on a different set of characters, giving the course a broad appeal and keeping the content fresh and exciting. Engagement with the characters will help students focus on the lesson, stay on task longer, and retain more of what they have learnt.

Children love listening to stories. Each unit has a two-page story. They are accompanied audio which helps bring the narrative to life.

These stories can be taken home, where they can be enjoyed with the family.

Share values

Teaching real-life values through stories

Stories based on the adventures of Disney characters naturally lend themselves to the development of soft skills and values.

Stories show relatable role models and can be used as a starting point to talk about good behaviour, such as helping children work together with others.

The language children learn in every unit is revised in real-world contexts through photographs featuring children of the same age as the students.

In many cases, these are photographs taken from a child’s perspective, to further engage students.

Future skills

Equipping children to have fulfilling lives

Future skills such as self-awareness, social awareness, persistence and growth are woven into every lesson of the course. Each unit focuses on a new feeling, which children learn to recognize in themselves, the characters, and their friends.

This focus on future skills, and making children feel comfortable and emotionally supported, will foster an atmosphere in which children feel safe and confident.
This in turn will help them progress with their learning.

Students with good self-awareness, the ability to understand their feelings,
and empathize with others are better equipped both for academic success and the workplaces of tomorrow. They will have a solid foundation for satisfying interpersonal relationships and a good quality of life.

Flexible teaching

My Disney Stars and Friends is flexibly designed to suit teacher’s specific classroom needs and scheduling requirements.

There are a variety of options and pathways through the material so teachers can tailor their approach to both their students’ needs and particular teaching contexts. Pathways options include lessons ranging from 2-5 hours a week.

Every Student’s Book and Teacher’s Book includes an access code to digital resources which means teaching can be done with just paper components or using the blended approach. The digital resources include the Presentation Tool for the teacher, as well as eBooks for students.

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