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Student's Book 

  • The Student’s Book is designed for use in the class, with the teacher. It presents and practices all the new material. It includes stickers, simple press out projects, and an access code to the Student’s Book eBook and Digital Resources for parents or carers.
  • Digital resources include songs, videos and stories.
My Disney Stars and Friends Student's Book cover image


Component Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Flashcards 9781292357195 9781292357270 9781292357355
Story Cards 9781292357232 9781292357317 9781292357393
Student's Book with eBook and digital resources 9781292395524 9781292395531 9781292395548
Teacher's Book with eBooks and digital resources 9781292395555 9781292395562 9781292395579
Workbook with eBook 9781292395494 9781292395500 9781292395517
Puppet All levels: 9781292357430
Posters All levels: 9781292357201