Regina Raczynska

Regina Raczyńska has an MA in pedagogy and methodology of teaching English. She has taught English at all levels, from very young learners to really adult adults and to different nationalities. She is the author and co-author of many EFL series and resource materials. Her cooperation with Pearson started in 2004. The series she was involved include: English Adventure, Footprints, Yazoo, New English Adventure, Our DiscoveryIsland, Look, Real World and Success.

She regularly publishes new resource materials for Pearson Teachers’ Club. She has been Cambridge Young Learners Speaking Examiner since 2010 and Teacher Trainer preparing students for Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test Young Learners since 2014. She is passionate about teaching and cannot imagine writing books without the actual active teaching.

Since 2000 she has worked as a teacher and Director of Studies in a private language school. She successfully divides her time between writing EFL course books, teaching, managing school and being a mother of two.

Regina Raczyńska

Viv Lambert

Viv Lambert studied Languages and Linguistics at University in the UK. She has an RSA Diploma in TEFL and teaching experience in Europe and South East Asia. After several years travelling and teaching English, she returned to the UK to work in publishing. Viv commissioned and edited children’s books and Primary EFL materials at Nelson ELT, Dorling Kindersley and Pearson English.

She now works from her home near Oxford as a freelance editor and author specialising in Primary ELT materials. Viv also teaches French at her local Primary School and she is involved in teacher training in Oxford. She has written and co-written various primary courses including New English Adventure for Pearson, Next Move for Macmillan, and Mighty Movers and Fantastic Flyers for Delta.

Viv has two children and she takes an active part in their school activities. Her hobbies include tennis, running, swimming, travel and languages. She is currently learning Spanish at evening classes.

Viv Lambert

Tessa Lochowski

Tessa Lochowski has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Primary Years and an RSA Diploma in TEFL, as well as teaching experience in Europe and the UK. After teaching, Tessa worked for several years as an editor and publisher at Pearson ELT, commissioning and developing Primary EFL materials.

She now works from her home in London as a freelance editor and author specialising in Primary ELT materials. Tessa has written and co-written various primary courses including Our Discovery Island, Yazoo and New English Adventure for Pearson English.

Tessa Lochowski

Cristiana Bruni

Cristiana Bruni completed a qualification in Foreign Languages at the University of Bologna and started work as a Primary teacher and taught English. She has been involved in the Italian Ministry of Education-approved ELT programme for foreign language teaching at Primary level. She has co-authored a number of ELT textbooks and contributes to a specialist educational magazine.