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Teacher Development Interactive

Teacher Development Interactive offers online professional development instruction in current teaching methods and practices.

Taught by language instruction experts, the course is available anytime, anywhere. Participants may study independently, work online with a facilitator, or use a combination of the two.

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Our professional development titles

Practices of English Language Teaching

Jeremy Harmer

The Practice of English Language Teaching is the essential guide for teachers of English. It explains current pedagogy to teachers who want to access the more relevant ELT practices and incorporate them into their lessons. The fifth edition has been revised to reflect the latest development in language teaching.


Teaching by Principles

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching is the classic second-language- acquisition text used by teacher-education programs worldwide. The text introduces key concepts through definitions of terms, thought-provoking questions, charts and spiralling. 


Essential Teacher Knowledge

Jeremy Harmer

Essential Teacher Knowledge is the award winning book for English Language teachers and anyone studying for the TKT.“The combination of declarative and procedural knowledge, a wide array of practical teaching ideas and the global issues handled such as bullying and teacher burnout made it a comprehensive read.”


How to Teach

Edited by Jeremy Harmer, the How To Teach series is written by teachers and teacher trainers, who know the reality of the classroom and the support teachers need to get the most out of their students.

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Tips from ELT professionals

Want to explore new strategies for handling key classroom challenges? We spoke a renowned psychologist as well as English Language trainers to explore key classroom challenges and solutions.