Pearson English Graded Readers

Enjoy reading at any English language level with Pearson English Graded Readers. The series offers world-renowned stories - fiction, non-fiction, biographies, plays, short stories and classics - rewritten for English learners.

Anyone can enjoy and learn from these stories, whatever their age or language level.

All titles are built around carefully graded English, a comprehensive language syllabus and activities to develop learners’ abilities and confidence in English.

With Pearson English Graded Readers, learners will be motivated to read and improve their reading skills, and become life-long readers.

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New Graded Readers

We're constantly developing new Readers titles. Here you can see what's coming soon.

Disney Readers

Disney Readers
  • Read and learn with Disney friends! Young learners can build their reading skills with the help of engaging Disney stories and characters they know and enjoy.
  • Created to be used both at school and at home, Disney Readers help young learners expand their reading in a fun and motivating way.
  • The Disney Readers are visually rich to support engagement and comprehension, with a robust vocabulary and phonics syllabus.
  • All Disney Readers are aligned to the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework. Thanks to the Lexile reading scores, learners see their reading skill progress as they move through the levels.
  • The 36 new Disney Readers include audio, extra learning content and activities at the back of the book.

Graded Readers ebook mini-libraries

Pearson English Readers and Pearson English Active Readers ebook mini-libraries offer collections of Readers by level in digital format accessible via the Pearson English Portal and the Reader+ app (desktop and mobile).

As with the printed versions, these Readers are for teenage and adult students who want to supplement standard English course materials and build their English competence.

Mini-library features

  • Text, audio and audio highlight enables students to read or to read and listen simultaneously.
  • Front of class tools enable engaging classroom presentations.
  • Offline access for students reading at home or on the go.
  • British English and American English.
  • Range of genre, including classics, contemporary fiction, film adaptations, plays, short stories, non-fiction
  • Graded across ability levels according to strict language guidelines.

Interested in the ebook mini-libraries?

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Pearson English Graded Readers series

Kids Readers

6 levels | GSE 16-48 | For kids
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Story Readers

4 levels | GSE 20-53 | For kids
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Active Readers

5 levels | GSE 23-60 | For teens and adults
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7 levels | GSE 23-83 | For teens and adults
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