Components & ISBNs

The components of New Keystone provide students with instruction and practice in language skills and a focus on building academic language. These components offer a variety of opportunities for English learners to produce language and learn key vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills.

Student components

Student Edition with Digital Resources

  • Six thematic units per level organized around a big question 
  • Engaging videos explore the big question and key themes in the unit 
  • Three [Levels A-C] or four [Level D] readings per unit from a wide range of genres include informational texts, classic and contemporary literature, and biographies
  • Critical academic vocabulary and key words taught explicitly before each reading 
  • Clear, step-by-step grammar presentations followed by thorough and focused practice 
  • Skills workshops and hands-on projects that provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of content and language skills 
  • Suggestions for further reading, tips for taking tests, and guidance for how to talk and write about art 
  • Well-organized instructional support provides a clearly defined roadmap of instruction
new keystone student edition pearson english secondary

Teacher components

Teacher's Edition

  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step lesson planning with a clear Unit Planner at the start of every unit 
  • Answer keys and suggested answers for the Student Edition 
  • Strategies for differentiated instruction 
  • Readings accompanied by scaffolding, tips, study skills activities, and suggestions for how to approach the reading strategy
  • Guidance on analyzing language, awareness of cognates, and EL insights
new keystone teachers edition pearson english secondary


  Level A Level B Level C Level D
Workbook 9780135233771 9780135233788 9780135233795 9780135233801
Student eBook with Digital Resources Access Code 9780136711377 9780136711391 9780136711414 9780136711360
Student Edition with Digital Resources  9780135232743 9780135232767 9780135232774 9780135232781
Assessment  9780135237724 9780135237717 9780135237694 9780135237687
Reader's Companion  9780135237670 9780135237663 9780135237755 9780135237748
Teacher's Resource Book  9780135237526 9780135237519 9780135237502 9780135237496
Student eBook and Teacher eBook with Digital Resources Access Code All levels: 9780136772491
Teacher's Edition with Digital Resources  9780135233818 9780135233849 9780135233825 9780135233764