Out of the classroom, into the world

Wider World American Edition pairs the successful English language learning concepts of Wider World with content that has been carefully researched and adapted to meet the specific needs of teachers and students looking for an American English course.

Wider World American Edition is the portal to a fascinating world of English language knowledge and skills for 21st century learners. The combination of authentic and engaging videos from the BBC with Pearson’s ELT expertise gives teenage learners everything they need to achieve their goals in the wider world.

  • Language: American English
  • Five levels: each level provides material for 72–100 hours of teaching
  • CEFR: <A1–B1+
  • GSE: 10–55
  • Suitable for: teenage learners

Two alternative learning paths

Wider World American Edition offers two alternative paths teachers can follow, depending on their students' level of English and what they enjoy.

It is a direct response to conversations we have had with educators to help them respond to specific teaching needs and provide a course that grows with their students.

Lower-level starting point

This option is recommended for classes where the level of English is low at the very beginning and for students who will appreciate more animated, entertaining content to begin with and continue with a more adolescent approach, as they grow older.

Higher-level starting point

This option is recommended for classes where students have already had some education in English and expect a course with a more teenage-feel from the very beginning.


High-quality BBC Culture and BBC Vox Pop videos provide inspiring content and motivate students to use English as it is really spoken.


Numerous opportunities for interaction with real life content across print and digital formats allow students to develop their language skills at a deeper cognitive level.


Thoroughly researched and challenging content delivered within the Assessment for Learning principles improves students’ chances for exam success.

Unique learning journey

Wider World American Edition offers a perfect mix of print and online resources used inside and outside of the classroom.

wider world student components

Students can use a print Student's Book with Integrated Workbook in class and at home. They can also benefit from access to the course audio, video and extra practice through a mobile app and Pearson English Portal.

wider world teacher components

Teachers can use a print Teacher's Book complemented by a wide range of resources and tools available online, through Pearson English Portal.

A unique collaboration

Wider World American Edition is the collaboration between two leading companies in the fields of education and media: Pearson and the BBC.

The BBC brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of their news and entertainment programs while Pearson is the world’s leading education company.

Pearson and the BBC have come together in a unique collaboration that provides learners with the ultimate in engaging and effective English learning materials included in Wider World American Edition.

BBC image

International learning community

Wider World American Edition offers students a unique opportunity to join an international learning community and learn English with groups from around the globe.

This world-wide project is an extremely motivating experience for teenagers as they have an opportunity to use English outside the classroom and communicate with their peers in a safe learning environment.

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