Wider World training videos

Teaching online with Wider World

Watch a video training series illustrating each ESAP stage in practice. Michael Brand has run an online lesson to share his experience and tips for running an engaging and efficient online lesson with teenagers.

Step 1: ENGAGE your students

Step 2: Create efficient STUDY opportunities

Step 3: ACTIVATE your students

Step 4: Set multiple PRACTICE opportunities

ESAP framework for online teaching

Teaching teenagers online can be much easier to plan and more efficient to deliver when following ESAP framework.

ESAP stands for Engage, Study, Activate and Practise, which refer to four core steps every online lesson should follow. They correspond to face-to-face lesson stages and adjust them to consider different interaction opportunities as well as digital tools that are available to distant teaching.

Using video in the classroom

Do you want to know how to integrate Wider World videos into your Wider World lessons? ELT expert Philip Warwick and our teacher trainers show you how in these practical lessons offering techniques, examples and tips. From warm-up activities to watching for gist, activities requiring critical thinking and discussion points, these are a great resource for your ELT classroom.

Using BBC Vox Pops Videos - with Philip Warwick, ELT Expert and Brian Engquist, Pearson Teacher Trainer.

Using BBC Culture Videos - with Philip Warwick, ELT Expert and Michael Brand, Pearson Teacher Trainer.

Using Drama Videos - with Philip Warwick, ELT Expert and Elena Merino, Pearson Teacher Trainer.