The method that changed how grammar is taught worldwide

Trusted by thousands of teachers from all over the world, the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series offers comprehensive coverage of English grammar.

Whether you are looking for additional grammar practice for your students or you need a grammar-based course with easy-to-understand explanations, the Azar-Hagen Series can help.

Each level can be easily adapted to your curriculum and complement other course materials.

  • Language: American English
  • Three-levels: CEF A1 to CEF C1
  • Authors: Betty Azar and Stacy Hagen

The new, 5th edition of Fundamentals of English Grammar

The fifth edition has been extensively revised to keep pace with advances in theory and practice, particularly from cognitive science. Now more than ever, teachers will find an extensive range of presentations, activities, and tasks to meet the specific needs of their classes.

  • Pretests at the start of each chapter enable learners to check what they already know.
  • Updated grammar charts reflect current usage and highlight differences between written andspoken English.
  • A new chapter on article usage.
  • A variety of high-interest readings include reviews, articles on current topics, and blogs that focus on student success.
  • Additional incremental practice helps learners better grasp concepts, while thematic exercises and integrated tasks offer more contextualized language use.
  • Step-by-step writing activities are supported by writing tips and pre-writing and editing tasks.
  • Revised MyEnglishLab for a fully blended program.
Azar English Grammar 5th Edition
Digital learning with MyEnglishLab

Digital tools for the modern age

The new edition features rich online practice for all skill areas, as well as the student book, teacher resources and workbook that you know and love. 

  • Online homework tool MyEnglishLab provides instant feedback and remediation
  • Bonus material online includes additional expanded practice of gerunds and infinitives
  • The mobile app allows learners to practise anytime, anywhere

Why teachers love it

For over 30 years, the Azar-Hagen Series has been an excellent reference and a lasting resource to students and teachers all over the world. This is what teachers said when asked what made them love the course.


"Well-designed charts and clear grammar explanations enable students to understand the target grammar better and faster."


"The Azar-Hagen Grammar Series is absolutely course neutral. It can be linked with other skills books to deliver more grammar practice. The exercises are calibrated to the appropriate level, and the content has been carefully crafted to avoid vocabulary and structures that might be too challenging."


"Plenty of exercises across a wide range of grammar topics provide extensive opportunities to practice. You will find as many as 722 exercises in Basic English Grammar 4th Edition, 618 exercises in Fundamentals of English Grammar 4th Edition and 808 exercises in Understanding & Using English Grammar 5th Edition."

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