Maximize Your Reading

Maximize Your Reading Workbooks provide students with instruction and practice in developing their academic reading, vocabulary, and study skills. The workbooks feature useful strategies andabundant practice, helping students become confident and successful readers.

This flexible four-level workbook series can be used with any other reading texts or integratedskills courses.

Levels: 1 - 4, Beginner - Advanced

ISBN: 9780134661391

ISBN: 9780134661384

ISBN: 9780134661360

ISBN: 9780134661353


  • Reading Comprehension section offers extensive reading and critical thinking skill development and includes skimming, scanning, previewing, predicting, making inferences, and recognizing patterns.
  • Vocabulary Building section helps students develop the essential vocabulary-building strategies and includes practice in dictionary work, recognizing word parts and collocations, and guessing meaning from context.
  • Reading Faster section includes longer readings and allows students to apply reading skills and strategies and build their fluency and flexibility in reading longer texts. Timed and untimed reading options help students develop the fluency skills needed to read and understand texts quickly.
  • Pre- and post-tests provide formative assessment at the beginning of the course and summative assessment at the end. End-of-section tests allow student to check how well they understood the content of each section.
  • Clear skill presentations provide explanations and give students extra reinforcement.