Chloe Dennis photo

Chloë Dennis

Chloë has been teaching English for over 14 years in France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong and the UK. She has specialised in the teaching of children and young adults and has taught face-to-face and more recently online. She believes that motivation is key to learning so is always looking for ways to build confidence and for students to have fun while using new language.

Chloë will be teaching lesson A.

Vanessa Hartson-Walker photo

Vanessa Hartson-Walker

Vanessa is Director of Kids Can, an English language school for children and teenagers in Rome, Italy. She is Cambridge YL and DELTA qualified trainer, teaching children and teenagers since 1994. Her specialist interest areas are Young Learners and Teenagers, Mindfulness, Extensive Reading, SEN, Assessment and Teaching English Online.  

Vanessa will be teaching lesson B.

elizabeth beer

Elizabeth Beer

Liz is from the UK and has been teaching for 15 years in countries such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Spain. She loves teaching speaking and listening skills, and in particular teaching lively, loud and fun teenage classes.

Teaching Live Classes in 2019/2020, she has proved to bring a lot of positive energy and motivation into the classroom.

Liz will be teaching lessons C and H.

Harry Waters photo

Harry Waters

Harry has worked in private language academies and schools in Argentina, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Australia, Spain and the UK. His primary focus has been on that of language development amongst teenagers. His classes have a focus on learning through fun and developing language with games and video. He has a keen interest in pronunciation, for which he has given talks across Spain, and recently bringing the online classroom to life. 

Harry will be teaching lessons D and I.

Michael Brand photo

Michael Brand

Michael is a passionate linguist; he studied French and German at Durham University, followed by a PGCE in Modern Languages. Having taught in England and Spain, he has experience in the public, private and state-assisted sectors and has taught young learners, teens and adults. He now spends his time training teachers on all things ELT and his interests include collaborative learning and the creative use of video. 

Michael has been involved in developing Pearson and BBC Live Classes, and continues to be a leading trainer in the project.

Michael will be teaching lessons E, F and J.

Dan Shepherd photo

Dan Shepherd

Dan has worked in ELT since 2010. Before starting his own education content agency, Hubbub Labs, he worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and academic manager. He is also an examiner, team leader and conference presenter. 

Dan will be teaching lesson G and K.