Ready for the way forward

When learning is interrupted or learners’ needs change, assessment is an invaluable tool. It can help both teachers and learners re-evaluate and re-focus, setting a strong foundation to move forward. 

We support every stage of the journey to language proficiency. With practical considerations and useful feedback at the heart of their design, our tests can help you and your learners make progress, set new goals, celebrate success and look to the future with confidence. 

Ready for online and blended learning

You won’t skip a beat in your classroom with our fully online assessments.

Designed specifically for online use, our proficiency tests can be used at any point during the term - to benchmark your students' skills, measure their progress, assess at the end of a course, and set them up for success as they enter the workforce.​

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Up-close insights, even from a distance 

Our new Level Test and Benchmark Tests give you the insights you need into your students’ abilities, whether you are in the same classroom or halfway around the world.

Watch the Getting to know…the new Pearson English Level and Benchmark Tests webinar, and find out everything you need to know in our handy guide.

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Secure testing from home 

As distance learning becomes more common, teachers can turn to Versant + Remote Monitoring for a secure and reliable way to assess their students’ English skills off-campus.

Watch our 'Getting to know Versant English Placement Test + Remote Monitoring' webinar to find out more.

Warm Up

Real exam practice in an app 

Warm Up is a free, fun and convenient app for those preparing for the PTE General (Pearson English International Certificate) exam. Practise using real items from past exams, across all four skills.

Available now for iOS and Android

Readiness Test

New exam readiness predictor 

Launching in October, the Readiness Test can tell learners if they are likely to pass their PTE General exam at their chosen level.

From the comfort of home, this quick, online test assesses overall readiness and gives a breakdown per skill.

Ready to bridge the gaps

Between disruptions during final months of the last school year and summer break, it’s understandable that students may have forgotten some learnings.

Measuring students’ skills at the beginning of the school year will give you the insight needed to help plan lessons and focus on weaker areas for review.​

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Start strong 

In 20-30 minutes, the Level Test gives quick, easy clarity on your students’ starting level.

Offering an overall level and breakdown across the skills, it helps you allocate students to the correct class and choose the best course for them.

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Evaluate skills gaps and measure progress 

In just 45 minutes, the Benchmark Test can help you understand skills gaps and put your students on the path to real progress.

Detailed student and group reports give a summary of abilities and complete breakdown across skills.

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Assessment support for universities 

The Versant English Placement Test helps identify the skills and needs of learners embarking on further academic study.

In 50 minutes it measures all skills, giving detailed descriptions of abilities and suggestions for improvement. 

Ready at home

PTE Young Learners – a parent’s guide 

For parents wondering if a PTE Young Learners qualification is suitable for their child, our new parents’ brochure is a perfect introduction to the ‘stress-free certificate’.

A parents guide

Ready to use your course

Exam confidence in a course 

Don’t forget, we have courses to help your learners prepare for formal exams.

Practice Tests Plus help students achieve the best score in their PTE General exam, by familiarising them with its task types and formats. 

Global Scale of English

Flexible and GSE-aligned 

Our assessments are designed to work alongside any course but work perfectly within the Pearson English learning ecosystem.

Feedback is mapped to the Global Scale of English (GSE), to help you pinpoint where most focus is needed.

Global Scale of English

Ready to move forward

Assessment is as much about setting clear direction for the future as it is about evaluating the past.

Our assessments help learners take control of their future, empowering them with vital skills, validating their achievements and positioning them for success.

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21st-century skills for young learners 

In the PTE (Pearson English International Certificate) Young Learners exam, students demonstrate not only communication, but other vital employability skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

Find out more in the 'PTE Young Learners: providing a foundation for building 21st-century careers' blog post.

English Benchmark Young Learners expands 

The fun, tablet-based test of English language skills is now suitable at six levels instead of five (covering A1 - B1+; GSE 10 - 58).

And each level can now be taken five times without repetition instead of three.

Fast, fair testing to meet global aspirations 

Are your students anxiously waiting for borders to reopen so they can pursue their dream of living abroad?

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide and approved for all UK, Australia and New Zealand visa applications. 

Ready together

We're with you every step of the way, even during the most testing of times!

Our Assessment webinar series 

We've been exploring different ways that assessment can be used to make a difference to your students’ lives.

Our webinars are all hosted by experts in ELT, education and assessment.

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