Versant, a smarter way to test language skills

25 years ago, two Stanford professors discovered a smarter way to run English language tests.

They created a tool that predicts how expert human interviewers would score a test, allowing you to get instant, unbiased results, anywhere in the world.

Today, this patented AI technology has scored over 350 million tests, helping Fortune 500 companies recruit, train, and promote the right people for the job.

For administrators

Access your account, guides, and FAQs for easy testing.

For test takers

Look up your test score or prepare for an upcoming test.

A full testing solution

Ensure your new hires and students can be easily understood when they communicate with customers, co-workers or other students.

Check that job candidates and students can understand what they are hearing on the phone with customers, or in class during a lecture.  

Confirm that staff and students understand what they are reading, whether it be emails from customers or co-workers, lecture notes or assignments.

Evaluate how clearly and effectively an employee can write emails or provide real-time chat support to customers.

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versant full testing solution

The Versant tests helped us standardize and scale up our recruitment process. This led to significant improvement in the quality of hires on communication skills.

- Abraham Zachariah, Global Head, Learning and Development, Cognizant BPS

Test with a purpose


Hire professionals who have the spoken language skills you need for the jobs where speaking is important for clear communication.

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Ensure employees with management potential have the language proficiency to participate in leadership development and move up in the organization.

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Training and Development

Benchmark the language levels of employees, teachers, and students to place them in training or academic programs, and measure progress after program completion.

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Testing is easier than ever

Website Delivery

Navigate to your customized testing site to quickly administer the test via web.

Mobile App Delivery

Candidates can download our testing app to their smartphone for convenient testing.

Software Delivery

Securely test your candidates offline with our software-based delivery option.

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