How it works

24x7 test availability means candidates can sit at any available workstation or test from the convenience of their home - without a scheduled appointment time or logistical complications caused by time zone differences.

A scalable solution for global testing

Before the Test

Test administrators gain access to Versant test credits in their ScoreKeeper test management account. Test administrators create a test session and assign codes to test-takers.

Testing instructions and unique codes can either be downloaded on demand, or auto-sent to the test-takers' email addresses for offsite testing.

Test administrators prepare their testing site environment, ensuring it is quiet and secure to avoid distractions.

During the Test

Test-takers follow the on-screen instructions to check their equipment and position their microphone and/or device properly.

During the test, test-takers are asked a variety of question types that may measure their speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills.

The length of Versant tests vary by the skills being assessed, ranging from 15 minutes to 50 minutes.

After the Test

Once the test is completed, test administrators will gain immediate access to scores in ScoreKeeper.

Test administrators can download score reports for individuals and groups, as well as give test-takers access to their personalized reports.

Test administrators will have access to selected audio samples for certain test types.

Test Taker's Journey

  1. Set up your testing session and download test codes
  2. Enter your Test Identification Number
  3. Listen to and respond to test questions
  4. Check your score!
versant test taker journey

Administrator's Journey

  1. Set up your testing session and upload roster
  2. Download test-taker instructions
  3. Distribute testing materials to test-taker
  4. Track test progress and download scores
versant administrator journey

Testing 10,000 students annually is a massive undertaking, but the Versant testing system makes administering the test so efficient that we no longer worry about our ability to scale the effort.

-Tony Cullen, the Executive General Manager for Marketing & Sales for Navitas

What is ScoreKeeper?

ScoreKeeper is Pearson's test management system used to download Versant testing materials, view test scores, and export data. Easy-to-use wizards allow for quick test setup and monitoring of results, so you don't need to spend extra time learning a new system. Scores and selected test responses are available in ScoreKeeper within minutes of completing a Versant test.

Easy to understand reporting

Versant score reports include detailed descriptions of each candidates' score and how they measure up against other scoring scales like the Global Scale of English (GSE), TOEFL, and TOEIC.

These brands trust Versant for their recruiting and placement programs.