Remote monitoring

Offsite testing with the added security you desire

Versant + remote monitoring allows you to test candidates' English skills at a location of their choice, with added security and monitoring.

Using proprietary AI technology, Versant tests are monitored automatically, without a human examiner present, and suspicious test taker behaviors are flagged for administrators to review.

This enables candidates to take the test anywhere they choose, providing you with additional security and confidence to make placement and hiring decisions.


Provides greater security with the convenience of on-demand testing anytime and anywhere in the world


Test taker data is securely stored and meets all GDPR standards


Remote monitoring identifies suspicious behavior and incident reporting available for admin within minutes of test completion

Cost effective

Remote testing improves recruiting and placement efficiency so only the most qualified candidates advance to in-person interviews

Secured by AI, trusted by experts

AI algorithms detect any suspicious activities during testing, empowering administrators to review whether a test result seems authentic.

How does it work?

Image monitoring: a different face or multiple faces appearing in the video frame, or camera blocked

Video monitoring: test taker moving out of camera view, more than one person in camera view, or looking away from the camera multiple times 

Browser monitoring: navigating away from the test window or changing tabs multiple times will be counted as violations

Complete recording: access anytime for audits and reviews. Suspicious segments highlighted for easy review

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