Validity & reliability

World class technology at your fingertips

Versant Tests are backed by years of research in speech processing, statistical modeling, linguistics, latent semantic analysis, and testing theory.

Developing tests to the highest standards

Versant machine-generated scores are virtually indistinguishable from scoring that is done by expert human transcriptions and repeated independent human judgments.

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Powered by research-based automated scoring technology

Using patented artifical intelligence and auto-marking, Versant tests take away the human element allowing you to make unbiased decisions to advance and place only the most qualified candidates.

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Supported by experts in the field

Our Research and Development team works closely with international experts in the research of the technology and development of the Versant tests to ensure only the most reliable and accurate assessment is available.

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My team's responsibility is to build and maintain AI scoring systems that reliably and accurately predict human scores, so that you can make quicker and more informed placement decisions.

- Bill Bonk, Director of Assessment & Measurement at Pearson

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