Who uses it

Versant is the only completely automated language test that measures how well an employee or student can speak, listen, read, and write in a certain language by measuring productive skills.

Test takers must understand test questions and respond from their own knowledge - you will never find any multiple choice questions in our tests.

And, because Versant tests are backed by carefully designed tests and years of research, Fortune 500 corporations, global call centers, government entities, and higher education institutions trust our tests to help inform placement or hiring decisions.


Test English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch and French when effective business communications require speaking and writing skills. 

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Call centers

Assess spoken and written skills quickly and objectively. Versant tests make assessment of agents much more efficient, giving recruiters and managers more time for other agent training and recruiting programs.

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Measure speaking, listening and writing skills for accurate placement, monitor speaking improvements in ESL/EFL programs, and verify professors or teaching assistants have the English language skills they need to effectively work with students.

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These brands trust Versant for their recruiting and placement programs.