Call centers

Excellent customer service begins with clear communication

Your front-line personnel and customer service representatives are often the biggest part of your customers' experience with your organization.

Turn your customer support team into a first class service and raise your company's customer satisfaction scores by ensuring they have the language skills required to communicate clearly with your customers.

Developed by a team of linguistic experts, Versant language assessments can be used during your interviewing process to screen for only the most qualified candidates and help you make more informed hiring decisions.

Screen more applicants in less time

Test thousands of candidates quickly, efficiently, and effectively using the automated Versant administration and scoring system. Results are available online in minutes after a test is completed.

Lower your recruiting and hiring costs

The automated Versant screening tool allows organizations to cut down the time and costs of testing job applicants or employees. More reliable testing also reduces the costs of misguided decisions or retesting often associated with traditional testing.

Test objectively without cultural bias

Versant test scores reliably reflect a candidate’s core spoken language skills, without the influence of social skills, likability or cultural knowledge. With machine scoring, there is no room for human examiner bias or inconsistencies.

Leverage the experience of large companies

Versant is the leading choice of customer service organizations, BPOs, and call centers for testing English or Spanish skills. Pearson has a track record of working with organizations to deliver strong business results.

I have total confidence that if a candidate can score well on the Versant English Test that he or she can lead conversations and manage complex issues.

- Maxim Kutov, HR Manager for Parallels International

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