Assess the language skills that are important for your successful business.

Many companies and organizations use Versant tests because they help organizations to uphold language standards that have been proven to be critical to customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

When English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch or French skills are critical for success on the job, quickly and objectively screen candidates with Versant automated tests, administered in just minutes by computer or smartphone. Improve your staffing and talent management processes with these accurate, reliable tests and drive positive business results.

Maximize ROI with flexible testing

Versant tests can be administered any time, on demand, on any device in the world.

There is no need to travel or wait for an appointment with an expert examiner.

Score objectively without bias

Versant test scores reliably report core language skills, without the influence of interviewer mood, cultural knowledge, or likes/dislikes.

Machine scoring removes the bias or inconsistency of human ratings.

Maintain quality standards, even as you scale

Tests are scored automatically within minutes, providing your HR team with a practical, efficient and cost effective tool to use in your recruiting and training programs.

Screen problems before they impact customers

The Versant screening tool allows you to accurately identify people with below-par communication skills and screen them out, before they end up talking with your customers.

Upfront screening also prevents wasting time and money to onboard and train candidates who don’t make the cut.

The report included with Versant is immediate and descriptive, allowing our recruiting managers to learn the candidates' strengths and areas to improve specific to their target language.

- Liliana Pareja, Staff Recruitment and Development Manager at Teleperformance Bogotá - Colombia

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