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  1. Big Think Is a British curriculum still best webinar banner

    The Big Think: Is a British curriculum still best?

    Is a British curriculum still best?  The British education system has come under fire recently, with Brexit uncertainty, the cancellation of GCSE ...

  2. British curriculum

    The British curriculum is globally recognised by more than 160 countries as a high quality, modern world ...

  3. iLowerSecondary badge

    iLower Secondary

    A one-stop international curriculum in English,Mathematics, Science and Computing for 11 to 14 year olds.

  4. How to teach EAL students

    Engaging lessons and students: How to teach EAL students

    explored some of the challenges faced when teaching a British-based curriculum to EAL students have explored some strategies to help overcome these ...

  5. girl reading a book

    By subject

    British curriculum by subject. Our print and digital resources help 3 to 19 year-olds progress through school to further education, employment and ...

  6. Preparing students to become global citizens

    Engaging lessons and students: How to teach Global Citizenship

    these challenges understand the Global Citizenship Curriculum offering from iPLS to International GCSE understand the support resources available ...

  7. Pearson International GCSE badge

    International GCSE

    Published resources for the Accounting GCSE (9–1). Learn more

  8. Primary curriculum

    Primary curriculum resources - our primary print and digital resources are aligned to the latest education practices and meet the needs of today’s ...

  9. Pearson Edexcel International A Level badge

    International A Level

    specifically designed for international students.  Learn more

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