Strategies to achieve personalized learning in a secondary classroom

Discover how to meaningfully implement personalized learning in the real-life secondary classroom. Teacher trainer and ELT expert, Elizabeth Beer, reveals the tactics and resources educators of teenage learners can use to better understand their learners and how to put their personalities at the heart of your teaching.

Suitable for: Secondary teachers

Date: Friday, 24th March, 4PM GMT

Part of the Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series. 

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Part 5 of the 5-part Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series by Pearson.

Personalized learning aims to cater the classroom experience towards each learner’s strengths, needs, skills and interests. But how can busy educators successfully understand their individual learners to meaningfully implement personalized learning in a real-life classroom?

Find out in this webinar with Elizabeth Beer, teacher and teacher trainer. In this session, Elizabeth will share the teaching tactics and resources you can use to engage and understand your teenage learners better so that you can put them on personalized paths to success.

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  • How to put your learners’ strengths and interests at the heart of your teaching
  • Ideas and advice for personalizing your teenage learners’ classroom experience
  • Experienced teacher training for delivering the all-new Wider World second edition in the secondary-age classroom

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This webinar is most suitable for secondary teachers but will provide useful advice for any educator who wants to know more about personalizing language learning.

Can’t join live? This webinar will be recorded and available to watch anytime on our YouTube channel from Monday 27th March.


Live date: Friday, 24th March, 4PM GMT

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Beer, teacher trainer and ELT expert


About Elizabeth Beer

Elizabeth Beer has been teaching for many years in various places such as Vietnam, Hong Kong and Spain. She’s a Teacher Trainer, Cambridge Examiner and a Blog Post Writer. She enjoys creating her own materials and lessons and has a particular interest in pronunciation, literacy and speaking skills in class. When not in the classroom, Elizabeth can be found in the theatre, either on stage performing or in the audience, and hiking in the mountains with her dog.

Elizabeth Beer

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