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A man in shirt having an online meeting/lesson
Presenter(s): Kamil Petryk

During this session, we will focus on the practical steps involved in preparing students for the speaking tasks in the computer-based test.

We will share tips and strategies for both students and teachers, and discuss how published materials can assist students in preparing for the test. Furthermore, we will introduce various classroom activities that can inspire and encourage students to speak with confidence.

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A college student sitting outside and studying
Presenter(s): Patricia Almendro

During this session, we will focus on one of the most critical factors for accomplishing goals successfully - mindset.

Having a positive attitude and confidence in one's abilities are essential components of effective course preparation. It is crucial to understand how to cultivate a growth mindset. Join us to discover five strategies that we have tried and tested and know to be effective for maintaining a positive attitude while revising and taking tests, both for you and your students.

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A woman with red hair and two other classmates behinder her smiling to the front of the class
Presenter(s): Bartlomiej Janiak

This webinar emphasizes the strategies teachers can implement in their preparation classes to build learners’ confidence, maximize their knowledge gains and positively affect PTE Academic exam scores.

Time: 14:00 IST / 10:30 CET / 18:30 AEST

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A woman with headphones studying on desktop in the school library
Presenter(s): Lottie Harrison

We are entering the era of digital testing with the introduction of the Pearson English International Certificate computer-based test.

While some individuals may find it effortless to use, others may require prior preparation and experience with digital components to become accustomed to it. We invite you to participate in the computer-based testing session, where we will guide you through all the necessary elements for you to embark on your International Certificate journey.

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Three teenage girls chatting and having lunch in the park
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Beer, teacher trainer and ELT expert

Discover how to meaningfully implement personalized learning in the real-life secondary classroom. Teacher trainer and ELT expert, Elizabeth Beer, reveals the tactics and resources educators of teenage learners can use to better understand their learners and how to put their personalities at the heart of your teaching.

Suitable for: Secondary teachers

Date: Friday, 24th March, 4PM GMT

Part of the Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series. 

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A group of college/university friends sitting on the bench chatting and having lunch in the park
Presenter(s): Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, Co-authors and ELT specialists

Explore the techniques and strategies you can use to get your learners to speak English confidently – whether they’re in the classroom or learning remotely. Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, authors of Pearson’s Connectivity, discuss the activities you can implement to help your learners be themselves when speaking in English.

Suitable for: Teachers of young adult and adult learners

Date: Thursday, 23rd March, 4PM GMT

Part of the Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series. 

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