Unlock your students' potential for success on CASAS® STEPS with FUTURE

Covering Adult Education & Literacy, Workforce Preparation, and Workforce Training

Future lays the groundwork for CASAS® STEPS success and beyond

Our program, Future, perfectly aligns with this framework, offering adult learners the language skills they need for workplace success and everyday interaction. Learn about effective strategies, understand the criteria for language proficiency, and see how our integrated approach empowers learners to master language assessments and excel in real-world scenarios.

Future series book covers

Why choose Future?

  • Alignment – Future is aligned with critical instructional standards.*
  • Rigor – Future is a rigorous integrated-skills course that employs coordinated instructional practices to promote student learning.
  • Contextualized content – Every unit in Future contains a Soft Skills at Work lesson and a Workplace, Life, and Community Skills lesson related to the unit theme.
  • Depth of knowledge – Future specifies cognitive skills in every lesson, to ensure that students are engaging in different levels of thinking throughout the instruction.
  • Digital literacy – Future’s digital components promote digital literacy and allow students to listen, practice and study on the go – anywhere, any time.**

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* College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education, English Language Proficiency Standards, CASAS® Reading and Listening STEPS Content Standards and Competencies).
** Pearson Practice English App, MyEnglishlab, Mondly Languages App, Advance, ActivTeach for Teachers