Offers teachers and students a reliable and credited learning resource aligned to the Years 7–10 Science Syllabus for New South Wales.

  • Year Levels 7–10
  • Curriculum NSW
  • Subject Science
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital

What it is

Pearson Science NSW 7–10 is an all-in-one digital and print solution for science educators, designed to improve student learning outcomes and make teaching easier and more efficient.

This comprehensive collection of resources support teaching and learning of science for students in years 7 to 10. Alongside resources for learners, it includes a range of teaching resources, support materials, and professional development opportunities for educators to enhance their lessons and keep up-to-date with the latest teaching practices.

How it helps


Scientific literacy at its core: Easily engage with scientific concepts through friendly designs and a scientific literacy focus throughout its tools and lessons.

Engaging learning materials: Jump from intuitive digital resources such as eBooks to activity books and assessment tools.

Individual learning: Develop knowledge and understanding at a pace and in a way that suits individuals, thanks to the range of resources available.



Developed for NSW syllabus: Align your teaching with the syllabus and set your learners up for their senior years.

Easy-to-understand language & designs: Engage learners with graded concepts using intuitive, easily comprehensive language and engaging visuals.

Extra teaching resources: Simply log on to Pearson Places for teaching plans, correlation grids and fully worked solutions to support delivery of the syllabus.

What it includes

Pearson Science New South Wales (7-10) includes a range of both print and online tools as well as learning and teaching resources to suit all types of learning environments.

Pearson Science NSW (7-10)

Student Books

Clear language, appealing visuals and real-life contexts help learners engage with concepts and plug gaps in knowledge efficiently. Content identified as 'Additional' in the NSW Syllabus is clearly differentiated from core content and is carefully placed in the overall content flow. 

Pearson Science NSW (7-10)

Activity Books

Supporting in-class learning, activity books are write-in tools that can be used individually, as class-learning tools as well as homework resources. EAL/D activity books are matched activity-for-activity and question-for-question with the standard activity books.

Pearson Science NSW (7-10)


Enjoy more ways to engage with concepts and customise individual learning within the classroom. Student books are available as eBooks within the Pearson eBooks Reader+ platform. Users can make use of notetaking, audio and video media.

Pearson Science NSW (7-10)

Teacher Resources

In addition to physical teacher companions, educators can access a range of additional teacher resources within the Pearson Places online platform, such as teaching plans, correlation grids and fully worked solutions to student and activity books.

Custom Resources

Pearson Science 7-10 NSW Custom

Pearson Science Custom

Pearson Custom works with you to create a customised Student Book using content from Pearson Science 7-10, 2nd Edition and Pearson Science New South Wales, to meet your schools specific needs. Making learning relevant and engaging for your students.

Also available in eBook format.
Pearson Science, 2nd Edition and Pearson Science New South Wales Reader+ will need to be purchased separately at a cost of $5.00 per eBook. If your custom student book contains chapters across multiple year levels, you will need to purchase more than one year level of Reader+, at $5.00 each. To purchase Reader+ with your custom book, speak with your Pearson Education Sales Consultant and provide proof of your custom student book order.

Please contact your Education Sales Consultant who will be able to help you build your personalised resource.

Samples & downloads

Goes well with

Pearson Science Stage 4 & 5 Skills and Assessment Books

The stage 4 and 5 skills and assessment books with Lightbook Starter complement Pearson Science New South Wales (7-10) and help plug the skills gap between Stage 4 and 5 Science to Stage 6 Science. 

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