Practice of Public Relations, The, 14th edition

Published by Pearson (February 1, 2019) © 2020

  • Fraser P. Seitel New York University


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For public relations courses.

PR coverage with an emphasis on ethics and contemporary, real-world applications

Featuring a practical approach that favors reasoning, justification and applications that work, The Practice of Public Relations prepares students for contemporary PR work in the changing landscape of the 21st century. Seitel's writing marries his experience in the field with a light-hearted, energetic prose.

The 14th Edition includes recent cases with an emphasis on diversity and ethics, using examples that span several fields and countries. It remains the most visual text on the market and most comprehensive in its discussion of social media as it relates to public relations.

Hallmark features of this title

  • A contemporary, real-life approach focuses on the principles, processes and practices that lead to building positive relationships in a 24/7 communications environment.
  • 75+ full-color photos emphasize the liveliness, vitality and relevance of PR for students. Taken straight from the newswire, Newscom photos add a real-life feel not found in any other textbook.
  • The author's writing style balances theoretical coverage with light-hearted and opinionated prose that infuses the subject with the energy that defines the industry.
  • Discussion of social media as a key tool for PR practitioners to engage in direct conversations with the public is included throughout the text.
  • Talking Point boxes expose offline curiosities that make PR such a fascinating art form.

New and updated features of this title

  • NEW: Chapter on diversity relations addresses society's focus on the equal treatment of minorities, discrimination in the workplace, and sexual harassment.
  • 11 NEW: Contemporary Cases keep students abreast of relevant topics, including the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Presidential election of Donald Trump, and United Airlines' passenger dragging crisis.
  • UPDATED: From the Top interviews with today's top authorities in the worlds of management, media and academia give students an insider's view into the latest PR issues.
  • UPDATED: Public Relations Bookshelf boxes keep students up-to-date with the most current PR as well as one new contemporary Pick of the Literature per chapter.
  • UPDATED: Every chapter begins with a contemporary issue relating to the chapter content. This includes the #MeToo movement, fake news attacks on traditional journalism, and Oprah Winfrey's presidential aspirations.
  • NEW: An emphasis on ethics drives home the principle that ‘doing the right thing' should distinguish the practice of PR. Mini cases in each chapter discuss school shootings and gun control, confronting fake news, and Volkswagen's shameful actions.

1. Defining Public Relations
2. The History and Growth of Public Relations

3. Communication
4. Public Opinion
5. Management
6. Ethics
7. The Law
8. Research

9. Media
10. Social Media
11. Employee Relations
12. Government Relations
13. Diversity Relations
14. International Consumer Relations

15. Public Relations Writing
16. Integrated Marketing Communications
17. Crisis Management
18. Launching a Career

A. PRSA Code of Ethics: Preamble
B. PR Council Code of Ethics and Principles

About our author

Fraser P. Seitel is a veteran of 5 decades in the practice of public relations, beginning, he claims, “as a child.” In 2000, PR Week magazine named Mr. Seitel one of the 100 Most Distinguished Public Relations Professionals of the 20th Century.

In 1992, after serving for a decade as senior vice president and director of public affairs for The Chase Manhattan Bank, Mr. Seitel formed Emerald Partners, a management and communications consultancy, and also became senior counselor at the world's largest public affairs firm, Burson-Marsteller.

Mr. Seitel has been a regular guest on television and radio, appearing on a variety of programs on the Fox News Network and CNN, ABC's Good Morning America, CNBC's Power Lunch, as well as on MSNBC, Fox Business Network, the Fox Radio Network, and National Public Radio.

Mr. Seitel has counseled hundreds of corporations, hospitals, nonprofits, associations and individuals in the areas for which he had responsibility at Chase: media relations, speech writing, consumer relations, employee communications, financial communications, philanthropic activities, and strategic management consulting.

Mr. Seitel is an internet columnist at and a frequent lecturer and seminar leader on communications topics. He is also an adjunct professor at New York University's School of Professional Studies. Over the course of his career, Mr. Seitel has taught thousands of public relations professionals and students.

After studying and examining many texts in public relations, he concluded that none of them “was exactly right.” Therefore, in 1980, he wrote the 1st edition of The Practice of Public Relations “to give students a feel for how exciting this field really is.” In 4 decades of use at hundreds of colleges and universities, Mr. Seitel's book has introduced generations of students to the excitement, challenge, and uniqueness of the practice of public relations.

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