English Language testing and teaching online

Teach and test your learners' English fast and flexibly with our digital courses and AI-based assessments to support you and your learners every step of the way in starting and succeeding in their academic journey. 

Teach and Learn without Limits. 

Get fast results for study visas from PTE Academic’s computer-based English test 

PTE Academic, now approved by the UK Government for UK study visas, assesses English proficiency in a computer-based test with fast results typically within 48 hours.   

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Test learners’ English online from home with Versant

Versant provides assessment anytime, anywhere with online, remote English testing and instant results provided once the test has been completed. 

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Advance learner’s fluency with online General English courses 

Discover new ways to continue to teach student's English remotely, discover our flexible range of digital courseware including eTexts and MyEnglishLabs across our core courses.

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Remotely monitor English tests with online proctoring

Versant’s new remote monitoring feature, enables you to securely monitor every test providing an online video upon test completion, highlighting any suspicious behaviour. 

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Improve learner’s English skills online for academic courses 

Build the confidence and English skills students need using our online courseware to succeed in their academic studies.

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