Building on the success of the previous editions, NorthStar Fourth Edition continues to engage and motivate students with new and updated contemporary topics delivered through a seamless integration of print and online components.

The five-level NorthStar series engages students through a seamless integration of compelling print and online content and empowers them to achieve their academic and personal goals in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Reading & Writing strands are designed to challenge students to move beyond basic comprehension to higher-level analysis.

  • Five levels
  • Two strands: Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing
  • Series Editors: Frances Boyd and Carol Numrich
  • GSE: 34 - 76

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  • Current and thought-provoking listening selections and readings from a variety of contrasting authentic genres stimulate students intellectually. Authentic content engages students, links them to language use outside the classroom, and encourages critical thinking and personal expression.
  • Explicit language skills are reinforced and practiced using models from the unit listening selections, while the pronunciation and speaking skill selections expose students to the sounds and patterns of English to prepare them to express their ideas on a higher level.
  • Explicit language-skills development throughout each unit provides students with systematic and multiple exposures to language forms and structures in a variety of contexts. Concise presentations and targeted practice in print and online build students’ language proficiency.
  • Productive vocabulary and grammar structures are targeted, reviewed, practiced, and expanded upon for the final speaking task.
northstar listening and speaking covers
northstar reading and writing covers
  • Writing sections integrate the unit’s concepts, vocabulary, and grammar, leading students through the writing process. Students learn revising techniques that help them move toward coherenceand unity in their writing.
  • Group projects inspire students to inquire further and prepare students to engage in real-world activities. The projects incorporate Internet research, helping students build digital literacy skills.
  • A variety of online assessments tied to learning outcomes allows teachers to individualize instruction and track student progress.
  • Teacher Resources in MyEnglishLab include the scope and sequence, digital student book, downloadable achievement tests, classroom audio, audioscripts, video activities, videoscripts, teacher’s manual, answer keys, and a downloadable placement test.

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