NorthStar 5th Edition

Northstar is an intensive, American English, integrated skills course. It incorporates critical thinking and academic skills with language development and engages students through authentic and compelling content. It is designed to prepare students for the demands of college level and university study.

There are two strands to NorthStar: Listening & Speaking, and Reading & Writing. 

  • Four-level English course for adult students
  • Suitable for students from A2+ to B2
  • Global Scale of English (GSE) range:
    34 to 64
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What’s new in the 5th edition?

  • Revised content including a new topic in each level.
  • A new attractive design with clear sign posts to help skills development.
  • New skills: explicit note-taking instruction and presentation skills.
  • Easy access to audio and video on the student app, along with extra grammar and vocabulary activities.
  • ExamView as part of the assessment suite

Get ready for academic study and the workplace of tomorrow

NorthStar builds language skills while developing the 21st century skills students need and exploring a topic in depth. Activities are well scaffolded and support students to become critical thinkers and build the real world spoken language and writing skills necessary to survive in higher-level academic courses.

Immerse yourself in the topic

Research shows that students learn language better when they use it to study something else. In NorthStar, each unit explores a different thought-provoking theme (across both strands) so learners study a topic in depth.

northstar 5th edition

Develop the critical thinking skills your students need to succeed

Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy, the approach to critical thinking challenges students to move beyond basic comprehension to higher-level analysis.

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