Summit 2nd Edition

Summit 2nd Edition is a two-level high-intermediate / advanced course that provides the post-intermediate learner an intergrated set of skills for global communication.

Complete, flexible and loaded with teacher support, Summit is packed with a broad range of print and digital components ensuring you can get on with the important stuff - teaching!


  • Language: American English
  • Two levels: CEFR B2 to C1 | Global Scale of English (GSE): 58 to 82
  • Learners: For Adult and Young Adult Learners
  • Authors: Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher

About Summit

Summit delivers immediate, demonstrable results in every class session through its proven pedagogy and systematic and intensive recycling of language. Each level contains material for 60 to 90 hours of classroom instruction. An array of additional print and digital components can extend instruction to 120 hours if desired.

Furthermore, the entire Summit course can be tailored to blended learning with its integrated online component, MyEnglishLab. Summit offers more ready-to-use teacher resources than any other course available today.


Summit 2nd Edition:

  • Build fluency with model conversations and extensive opportunities for role play, discussion, debate, class presentations, and collaborative projects.
  • Prepare their comprehension of authentic materials through critical thinking skills and reading and listening strategies.
  • Build accuracy through intensive coverage of grammar, pronunciation, word skills, and writing conventions.
  • Ensure learners' motivation using goals-and-achievement-based lessons, see the progress!

What's new?

  • All new design, updated content. 
  • Conversation Activator videos build communicative competence.
  • Discussion Activator videos increase quality and quantity of expression.
  • Test-taking Skills Booster (and extra challenge exercises) help students succeed in the reading and listening sections of standardized tests.
  • Greatly increased grammar, reading, listening, and writing practice.
  • Extra digital grammar exercises.


Summit 2nd Edition delivers a fully-integrated learning package, including a placement test, mobile app and digital tools for the classroom.

Student’s Book | Workbook | Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner | Placement Tests | ActiveTeach | MyEnglishLab | Classroom Audio Program | Complete Assesment with Examview | TV Video Program


Title ISBN      
Student’s Book w/ ActiveBook   9780132467162      
Student’s Book w/ ActiveBook & MyEnglishLab   9780132679862      
Student’s Book/Workbook Flexi A w/ ActiveBook   9780132679886      
Student’s Book/Workbook Flexi B w/ ActiveBook   9780132679909      
Student’s Book/Workbook Flexi A w/ ActiveBook & MyEnglishLab   9780132679893      
Student’s Book/Workbook Flexi B w/ ActiveBook & MyEnglishLab   9780132680011