Videos and animations are an integral part of the course - there are more than 130 video clips in the course – so you always have material on hand to engage your teenage students.

Use your English

There are three versions of each of these interactive functional videos: the complete dialog, and a video of each speaker, so that students can role play as participants in the dialog. Each video is available with and without subtitles.


The video blogs (vlogs) feature teenagers casually discussing their own lives and a range of subjects, presenting vocabulary and grammar in a real context that students can identify with.

Five Days Drama

Available with Level 2 of the course, this teenage drama exposes students to authentic use of English.

Pronunciation animations 

Pronunciation animations provide practice for specific sounds, and stress and intonation patterns to improve oral communication.

Grammar animations

These animations are a powerful tool to focus students’ attention on the language form and usage.