Upbeat is a bright, innovative, easy-to-use four-level course that reflects the lives and experiences of modern teenagers. Taking a multi-strand approach, Upbeat stimulates learning and broadens students’ horizons through lessons that engage both intellectually and emotionally.

  • A complete four-level English language course. 
  • For 12 to 16 year olds. 
  • Takes students from CEF A1 to B1.

What is Upbeat?

upbeat what is it

Upbeat recognizes that different students have different learning styles

The course offers a wide variety of exercise types to cater for these different approaches to learning. Students who are visual learners will appreciate the colorful character photos and attractive design. Auditory learners will relate to the recorded dialogs and texts in the Students’ Book and the songs in the Motivator.


upbeat what is it

Upbeat has a clear, straightforward approach to methodology

The course is suitable for a wide range of classroom situations and teaching styles. Teachers will appreciate the easy-to-follow layout, the straightforward signposting and the lively attractive design. The multi-strand syllabus contains a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and communication activities, with comprehensive practice of the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The language objective boxes in the Revision sections encourage learner independence.


There are two entry points: a Starter level for complete beginners and Elementary level for students with some formal knowledge of English. Placement tests help teachers decide which level to choose as the starting point.


starter upbeat cover


elementary upbeat cover


pre-intermediate upbeat cover


intermediate upbeat cover

Perfect Partners

Pearson English Readers

There is a full library classic and contemporary books that have been adapted for readers at every level of English and include support materials to help students learn English. Selected examples for Upbeat include:

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