Password 3rd Edition: A reading and vocabulary text

The five books in the Password series help students advance their reading skills and build a vocabulary of 2,000 high-frequency words and phrases. Research shows that at this point, most students can begin to read unadapted texts.

Now in a third edition with a fresh four-color design, Password’s theme-based units include an updated mix of nonfiction readings and skill-development activities for reading, writing, and critical thinking. The series continues to feature vocabulary work that helps students understand, remember, and use the target words and phrases to build a solid foundation for both academic and career success.

Level: Low-Beginner - High Intermediate

Books 1 – 4: Linda Butler

Book 5: Lynn Bonesteel

New to This Edition

• Engaging new readings require and reward close reading.

• Expanded array of exercises to enhance skills and help students better understand vocabulary and topics.

• New critical thinking questions in each chapter add depth to discussions and provide students with valuable cognitive skills.

• New Learning Outcomes let students know the goals of each chapter and what their learning experience will be.

• New Essential Online Resources contain audio recordings of each reading, bonus activities for extra practice in timed reading and study skills, and the Teachers Manual with unit tests, expansive answer keys, and prompts for quick oral vocabulary reviews.

Other highlights

• Pre-reading tasks draw out what students know and believe about the topic.

• Post-reading exercises strengthen skills such as scanning, making inferences, identifying main ideas, summarizing, citing evidence, and supporting opinions.

• Careful recycling of target vocabulary in readings and exercises.

• Checkpoint chapters help students reflect on what they’ve learned and provide practice with word families, collocations, and dictionary skills.

• Mapped to the Global Scale of English.

Video Tours

Password author Linda Butler introduces her levels 1 through 4

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

ISBNs Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Student Book with Essential Online Resources 9780134399348 9780134399355 9780134399379 9780134399386 9780134399393
Student Book with Essential Online Resources and MyEnglishLab: Reading - 9780134604985 9780134604886 9780134604893 9780134604909