Autumn - Using digital platforms and tools

Presenter(s): Ken Beatty

Many teachers who never considered online language classes now find that it is the new normal, for themselves and for their students. Moreover, online classes are likely to endure far into the future. New Student's Interactive eBooks, a wide range of digital resources, and integrating Zoom into the Portal make teaching, learning, and assessment easier, more engaging, and more productive with StartUp. This talk will share practical ways for teachers to make StartUp more successful in the online classroom for themselves and their students.

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Presenter(s): Gina Pontrelli, Stacey Roberts

In this session we explore how to use feedback to engage students and increase student learning.  We will discuss how to develop mutually agreeable goals for feedback with students, how to help shift grades to be reflective of the learning process, and how to implement strategies that are effective, timely, actionable, and ongoing in order to guide students to reach their potential. 

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Presenter(s): Nick Perkins

For today’s students to be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world and embrace future opportunities, a fundamental shift is needed in the way educators approach teaching. This has never been as evident as it is today, with teachers and students across the world suddenly finding themselves forced to teach and learn online. For many educators and students (and parents/caregivers), this seems to have been an almost insurmountable challenge, and in spite of a having had a quarter of a century to get ready the current situation has shaken education to its core.

This talk explores some of the challenges associated with online teaching and learning, and proposes practical ideas to invigorate and optimise the virtual language classroom.

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Presenter(s): James Warwick, Richelle Zakrzewski

In this session we will introduce Pearson's new Global Online Test Preparation Platform (GOTP) built in conjunction with E2 Language. This teacher-friendly digital platform is aimed at high-stakes test takers (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and OET) and features in-built, ready-made lessons, self-study material and enabling technology to facilitate distance learning. We will explore how this platform enhances both the classroom and self-study experiences and how technology can enable high-stakes test preparation.

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Presenter(s): Cath Stuart

In this session, we will look at how Test Hub enables a range of educational providers to manage learner data in one place, and track their achievements. We will also look at how teachers are able to target learning to skills gaps for classes and individuals. We'll consider current and future development plans, including our 'direct to learner' path which empowers learners to prepare for high-stakes exams at their chosen pace.

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Presenter(s): Roy Bennett

Online teaching has become part of our daily routine in recent months. And, while many teachers are getting to grips with the technical challenges of online teaching, it is not always easy to keep students motivated outside the physical space of the classroom. The Pearson English Portal offers a perfect solution to this problem. It offers a wealth of tools and resources that can help make our online lessons an engaging and productive experience for students and teachers alike. In this session, we will take a closer look at the various resources on offer and, perhaps more importantly, how they can be used creatively to create motivating and effective lessons for our learners.

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