Fly High

Introduce young learners to English with the fun Fly High characters and their adventures. Humorous cartoon stories, games and songs encourage young learners to engage with topics, while recycling language.

For primary learners British English Print and digital 4 levels GSE: 22-42 CEFR: A1-A2

About the course

Introduce young learners to English with fun Fly High characters, exciting stories and entertaining songs that inspire and engage.

Give young learners a fun, exciting and confidence-building introduction to English language learning with Fly High.

Based on a proven methodology, curious and fun-loving young learners can discover new language through stories, games and songs, encouraging them to recycle language. Plus, growing their vocabulary and grammar skills along the way.

Support their learning with classroom resources that help you plan your lessons and keep them motivational and meaningful. Fly High also includes extra practice and audio files.

Why choose Fly High?

Motivate young learners with engaging characters and stories
Create motivational and meaningful classes with lesson planning support
Encourages learners to recycle language to build their confidence


Yazoo is an exciting five-level course for young learners. Learners meet the loveable Yazoo animals and share their adventure in every level of the course. Bring smiles to the classroom with a variety of activities, songs, and games while learning English. A strong grammar syllabus combined with clear communication and skills development gives learners everything they need to succeed.

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Fly High is part of our Connected English Learning Program

Fast-track your learners' progress: 

  • Teach with Fly High
  • Assess with Benchmark Test – Young Learners
  • Certify with Pearson English International Certificate – Young Learners

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