Now I Know!

Builds on learners’ natural curiosity in an exciting learning environment centered around big questions. New language, knowledge and skills are learned through stimulating and meaningful real-world tasks.

For primary learners International English Print and digital 6 levels GSE: 19-58 CEFR: A1-B1+

About the course

Each new challenge takes learners through a carefully staged process of inquiry, supported by varied real-world content, including BBC videos

Now I Know! creates a learning environment focused on big questions to spark learners' natural curiosity. Learning new language, knowledge and skills is made exciting by engaging in real-world tasks with measurable results. Every unit opens with an authentic BBC video clip.

Each level contains around 48 video clips, and Big Questions give meaningful context for conversation and language tasks. 21st century skills are embedded throughout the course to help students develop essential skills for life.

Two reading texts are included per unit: one fictional (presenting values) and one factual (helping students learn about the world). Each Now I Know! page provides tasks to consolidate the information gathered on the Big Question and review language objectives.

Now I Know! digital resources

Why choose Now I Know?

Focuses on building English communication skills through an inquiry-based curriculum
Stimulates learners’ curiosity and develops cultural awareness
Authentic BBC videos bring learning to life

Now I Know! is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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