New Big Fun

Empower young learners to discover English through activities that build language skills as if it’s their native language, making sure they listen, repeat and begin to speak on their own.

For pre-primary learners American English Print and digital 3 levels GSE: 10-25 CEFR: Pre A1

About the course

Introduce learners to English with creative, engaging pre-primary content, a big start that progresses to any primary English course

Starting with basic vocabulary and language, children learn English in the context of eight engaging themes. A new Big Book brings variety to classroom activities by keeping learners focused through developing various skills and knowledge related to other curricular areas.

New Big Fun supports digital literacy progress and helps learners develop fine motor skills with child-friendly online practice available across multiple devices. The course brings the real world into the classroom through nature topics, part of the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach.

With various video, listening, audio and play activities to keep your young learners engaged, and now with a new digital offering including digital storybooks, online student practice app and presentation tool.

New Big Fun digital resources

Why choose New Big Fun?

Online practice across multiple devices, including new student practice app
Online homework engages learners with language outside the classroom
Brings the real world into the classroom through nature topics

New Big Fun is part of our Connected English Learning Program

Fast-track your learners' progress: 

  • Teach with New Big Fun
  • Assess with Benchmark Test – Young Learners

(There is currently no certification for pre-primary learners)

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