Pearson English 7–10, 1st Edition comprehensively satisfies the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: English.

  • Year Levels 7–10
  • Curriculum ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  • Subject English & the Arts
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital
  • Learning Focus English

What it is

From the ground up for the Australian Curriculum, Pearson English 7-10 is a valuable resource for students and teachers of English. You also have the option to customise the content that you teach and choose resources tailored to your school and class levels. It includes:

  • over 380 fiction and non-fiction texts
  • an engaging student book that meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: English
  • an accompanying eBook that can be used both online and offline
  • teacher resources that streamline lesson planning and exam preparation.

How it helps


Culturally focused texts as options: Draw from traditional and non-traditional text options, including unique Indigenous and Asia-Pacific literature sections.

Encourage a love of reading: Introduce classics from well-known and popular authors to incentivise reading and help learners connect to reading materials.

Activity-emphasised learning: Develop and consolidate learner knowledge and understanding of the English language and grammar with write-in resources.


In-text teaching opportunities: Enjoy maximum teaching flexibility with questions and skills linked within the text rather than at the end of the chapter.

Learner-oriented customisability: Move away from stifled planning and traditional textbook design with custom text and learning resource options.

Simplified homework organisation: Use the intuitive activity books as homework activities with or without the Pearson English student books.

What it includes

Discover how Pearson English 7–10 improves teaching outcomes.


Student Books

Pearson English covers a rich range of texts, including popular authors and Indigenous and Asia-Pacific literature. These fiction and non-fiction texts consist of:

  • newspapers
  • letters
  • graphic novels
  • animation
  • manga
  • anime
  • poetry
  • short stories
  • plays.



The digital version of the student book comes with a range of supporting material and media activities. The eBook is built:

  • to work online and offline and on PC and Mac, Android and iOS
  • for quick navigation, reading, bookmarking and notetaking
  • with multimedia and interactive activities that enhance and extend the reading experience.


Activity Books

These write-in resources can be used with or without the Pearson English student books and are designed to develop and consolidate learning. Ideal for homework, activities in the book include:

  • comprehension
  • extended writing tasks
  • speech writing.


Teacher Companions

Support available in the teacher companions includes:

  • answers for every question in the student book
  • reading program lists
  • curriculum checklists
  • support activities
  • spelling lists
  • web links
  • EAL/D Support.

You’re also provided with contextual references, including full student book pages with:

  • teacher notes
  • teaching strategies
  • extension activities.

Professional development

Working Grammar

We created Working Grammar to be the perfect companion to Pearson English. It’s the ideal professional resource book for secondary English teachers seeking an introduction to, or a refresher on, teaching grammar for the Australian Curriculum: English.

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