Pearson & BBC Studios partnership

Pearson English is proud to partner with BBC Studios. We share a common vision to transform lives through learning. Since 2005, we’ve been working together to produce high-quality content for English language learners to stimulate discussions, hear authentic conversation and build a worldwide community of educators and learners, inspired by a passion for communication.

Inspiring projects for learners and educators

Pearson and BBC Studios content brings instant access to motivating material underpinned by sound pedagogical values. Thanks to authentic contexts and activities, educators can bring the world into the classroom with confidence, and learners can develop their skills with the highest quality language content.

Speak Out for Sustainability

Communication can change the world – and being able to speak the same language can change lives.

Speak Out for Sustainability is a Pearson and BBC Studios project that brings learners and educators the opportunity to participate in a worldwide project designed to raise awareness and inspire interaction around key themes such as reducing our carbon footprint or avoiding water waste.

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Learning through five environmental themes

Over the coming months, we'll be offering an engaging learning journey through five environmental themes. Each theme will provide different types of engaging, thought-provoking, interactive content.

The themes include: carbon footprint, plastic and litter, reduce/reuse/recycle, water waste and deforestation.

Live Classes

Pearson and BBC Live Classes is a unique worldwide project for teenage students and their teachers. In an exciting partnership between Pearson and the BBC, the Live Classes give students a unique opportunity to enter an online language classroom. English becomes so much more than a classroom subject – it’s an essential tool to communicate with other students from all over the world.

Pearson and BBC Live Classes is the winner of the 2020 ELTons award in Innovation in Learner Resources.

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Our joint resources for English language learners

Our first Pearson and BBC Studios collaboration came in 2015: the general English course Speakout. It won a prestigious British Council ELTon award for innovation. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength.

In 2018, we launched our first primary course with BBC Studios, Now I Know! 2020 brought the CBeebies to pre-primary with Let’s Learn About.

Wider World, for secondary school learners, is the backbone of Pearson and BBC Live Classes, which was recognised by the British Council to be "the most Innovative Learner Resources" project in 2020.

We’re also excited to offer well-loved characters and episodes from the internationally-popular BBC TV series Doctor Who in our English Graded Readers.

For young learners

For teenage learners

For adult learners