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A podcast in which the Pearson English panel chat to English language experts from around the world to share experiences, discuss innovations and explore educational trends.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the panel and guests on the show. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Pearson.

Where to find us

The future of ELT

The panel chat to Clare Walsh - teacher, assessment expert and author - to find out more about online learning and the future of ELT.


Career Skills

The panel chat to teacher trainer and lifecoach Rachael Roberts about the importance of teaching career skills to teenagers.


The panel chat to teacher trainer and education consultant Tim Goodier to find out more about mediation and the CEFR Companion Volume.


The panel chat to Martin Bloomfield - trainer at York Associates and founder of Dyslexia Bites - to find out how teachers can support learners with a neurodiversity such as dyslexia.


The panel chat to Amy Malloy - founder of Oxford-based company 'No More Shoulds' - to find out how mindfulness can be built into ELT practice.

Meet the panel behind the podcast

joanna wiseman

Joanna Wiseman

Joanna is a product marketer and a former ELT teacher. She divides her time between baking cakes, mastering her yoga moves and enjoying another cup of coffee while turning the pages of a thriller book.

joanna wiseman

Patrick Curry

Patrick is a content developer and former ELT teacher. When he’s not at work, he spends his time exercising, cooking, reading, travelling and petting random dogs and cats in the street.

joanna wiseman

Sam Wadsworth

Sam is an editor and former teacher. When he’s not arguing about grammar, he spends his time listening to Deftones, collecting retro video games and generally annoying his children.