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Let us help you meet new challenges and reach new opportunities in this competitive, changing world.

Many employers and universities trust the Pearson English International Certificate (PTE General) as proof of authentic English language ability.

Show them you’ve got the communication skills to succeed in the real world.

You don’t need a preparation course for this exam, which certifies your real-life English Speaking, Listening Reading and Writing skills at any level.

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Pearson Edexcel qualifications are the ideal pathway to today’s top jobs and universities, offering you access to tomorrow’s global opportunities.

Why choose the International Certificate?

The Pearson English International Certificate is the new name for the widely respected PTE General exam. It is designed and delivered upon the following principles.

★ Authentic

This exam is not a test of memory or course material, but of your real English communication skills in authentic, real-life contexts.

★ Trusted

The International Certificate is recognised and respected by employers, universities and governments in countries around the world.

★ Inclusive

This qualification is suitable for any English learner over the age of 14. There are six levels to choose from: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2.

★ Accredited

The exam is delivered by Edexcel, the UK’s largest awarder of academic and vocational qualifications, and accredited by Ofqual, the official regulator.

★ Complete

Your communication skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing are all fully tested in this complete communication assessment.

★ Accessible

Available on seven dates throughout the year, you can take the exam at authorised test centres in many countries around the world.

Feel fully supported

We’ve got your back! Walk into your International Certificate exam with confidence with these great resources.

Readiness Test

The quick, online test that tells you if you’re ready for exam day.

If you have more work to do, the Readiness Test identifies your skills gaps and tells you what you need to do to achieve a pass.

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Warm Up

The free, fun app that gives you real exam practice in your pocket!

Practise using real items from past exams, across all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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Please note! If you need an English qualification to study abroad or for a visa, it’s the PTE Academic exam you need.

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Exciting developments coming soon!

Currently, you must book this exam through your school or local test centre. However, from mid-2021 you will be able to book directly and take the test from home. Check this page for updates!