Course List A - Z

Backpack: 7 Levels | A1 - B1

Backpack brings to life a love of learning through songs and chants, stickers and hands-on activities. With seven levels, Backpack has a strong focus on grammar and writing and is packed with the latest trends and ‘up to the minute’ technology. From singing to games, your students will love learning with Backpack!

Backpack Gold

Big English & Big English Plus: American English ​| 6 Levels | A1 - B1 & British English​| 7 Levels | A1 - B1

Balanced development of language skills, CLIL lessons, critical thinking about BIG ideas and Culture Connections are core to this course helping students build 21st century skills. Assessment for Learning encourages self-efficacy and develops learner confidence to think BIG.

Big English

New Big Fun and Big Fun: American English | 3 Levels

Big Fun teaches young children English – by listening, imitating and repeating – in the same way that they learn their native language.

Big Fun Cover

Big Science: British English | 6 Levels

With Big Science kids will learn to see and understand the world in new ways.

They will ask questions, gather information, test ideas, and record their findings. In no time, your students will be thinking like young scientists!

Big Science Cover

Cornerstone: American English | 5 Levels

New Cornerstone supports young learners where the English curriculum is extensive, as they strive for academic success and full English proficiency in a global environment.


English Code: American English and British English | 7 Levels

In English Code language learning takes place through hands-on creative tasks, investigation, projects, and experiments. Children develop a coding mindset, problem solving, and collaborative skills. 

English Code

English Land 2nd Edition: American English | 5 Levels

English Land makes learning English a magical experience! Familiar Disney characters help create a fantastic world of discovery and adventure in the classroom that truly motivates your students to learn.

English Land

Fly High: British English | 4 Levels | A1

Follow the Fly High characters on their crazy adventures. Humorous cartoon stories, games and songs get pupils singing along and help them to recycle important language. There’s even more practice on the interactive CD-ROM!


Fly High

Gogo Loves English: American English | 6 Levels

Gogo Loves English New Edition is an exciting, six-level elementary course with playful characters, exciting games and catchy songs that help teachers create a fun and motivating environment for children.


Gogo Loves English

Hip Hip Hooray!: American English | 6 Levels

Hip Hip Hooray! Second Edition features stories to motivate young learners and provide a familiar context to make grammar easy to teach and fun to learn.


Hip Hip Hooray!

Longman Children's Picture Dictionary and Longman Young Children's Picture Dictionary

Words have been chosen especially to help young children describe the world they see through their own eyes and are presented in context. Now with over 950 photocopiable flashcards and a complete bank of ideas for teachers.

English Picture Dictionary

My Little Island: American & British English | 3 Levels

Children will love the fun characters and motivating stories. Throughout each level, special emphasis is given to early childhood skills, Total Physical Response (TPR) and rich vocabulary development.

My Little Island Cover

New English Adventure: British English | 4 Levels

Imagine a powerful combination of the Disney stories and characters that children know and love with practical activities rooted in solid educational principles. Children listen to stories, play classroom games, sing songs, discover links with their studies and the world around them, learn social values while communicating in English.

New English Adventure

Now I Know: American & British English | 6 Levels | Pre A1 - B1+

Now I Know! builds on children’s natural curiosity, in an exciting learning environment centred around big questions. Each new challenge takes learners through a staged process of inquiry, supported by varied real-world content from BBC video.

now i know pearson english

Our Discovery Island: American & British English | 6 Levels | A1 - A2

Our Discovery Island makes learning English a memorable, exciting experience by harnessing the fun and excitement of a fantasy online world with sound ELT methodology.


Our Discovery Island

Pockets: American English | 3 Levels

Pockets develops English using fun activities with catchy songs and chants, photo picture cards, animal mascots and game-filled CD-ROMs. Pockets builds communication and confidence using hands-on activities that relate to everyday life and builds a solid foundationin English that will last a lifetime.

Pockets Cover

Poptropica English: American & British English | 6 Levels | A1 - A2

This new six level primary English series engages young learners like never before. The unique combination of beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online activities, songs and games, creates a world of excitement and adventure that kids won’t want to leave.

Poptropica English

Poptropica English Islands: British English | 6 Levels | <A1 - A2+

Featuring a unique combination of beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online activities, songs and games, Poptropica English Islands creates a world of excitement and adventure that children won’t want to leave.


Ricky the Robot: British English | 3 Levels

What? A robot in the classroom?! Through stories and games with interactive illustrations and a variety of digital materials, Ricky makes English come to life. Parents can join in the fun at home when children share what they’ve learned using their own Ricky ROM!

Ricky the Robot Cover

Super Kids: American English | 6 Levels

SuperKids blends the best techniques from proven language teaching methodologies into a program that creates confident, autonomous English speakers.


Team Together: British English | 7 Levels 

Team Together develops language skills alongside 21st Century skills to help students thrive in today's world.

Pupils are challenged to communicate creatively in authentic contexts, think critically and work together to get results.

Team Together

Yazoo: British English | 5 Levels | A1 - A2

Children will meet the loveable Yazoo animals and share their adventures. A strong grammar syllabus combined with clear communication and skills development gives students everything they need to succeed.