Children love asking questions

Now I Know! builds on children’s natural curiosity, in an exciting learning environment centred around big questions. Each new challenge takes learners through a staged process of inquiry, supported by varied real-world content from BBC video.

New language, new knowledge and new skills are learnt through exciting real-world tasks bringing measurable results at every stage.

  • 6-level course 
  • 9+ hours of English per week
  • CEFR: Pre A1 – B1+ 
  • GSE: 19 – 58 
  • International English (a mix of British and American English)
  • Suitable for 6 - 12 year olds

We want students to learn, think, question, create. We want them to surprise us.

- Jeanne Perrett, author of Now I Know

What makes Now I Know special?

  • Authentic BBC video (using CBBC clips) in openers and throughout every unit. Each level contains around 48 video clips (4 per Unit).
  • Big Questions provided as unit titles give meaningful context for conversation and language tasks.
  • 21st Century Skills embedded throughout the course help students develop essential skills for life and support classroom management.
  • Mapped to the Global Scale of English. GSE descriptors are used as objectives and for self-assessment in every unit, so it’s easy to track progress.
now i know primary pearson english
now i know primary pearson english
now i know primary pearson english
now i know primary pearson english
now i know primary pearson english
now i know primary pearson english
  • 2 reading texts per unit: 1 fictional (presenting values) and 1 factual (helping students learn about the world)
  • Speaking strategies from Level 1 help students develop all aspects of communication from the earliest stages of learning English.
  • Now I Know! page provides tasks to consolidate information gathered on the Big Question as well review language objectives. 
  • Exam practice for PTE YL, CYL, Key and Preliminary exams. Can also be used with Benchmark English.
inquiry based learning primary

Inquiry-based learning

'Inquiry-based learning helps to nurture the individual passions, sparks and interests of children, as such, in an ELT setting, inquiry-based learning helps children to understand the benefits and relevance of English in both their lives and the wider world.'

- Mary Roulston, author of Now I Know




21st century skills primary

Skills for life

'Possessing content knowledge is important, but putting that knowledge to work through 21st century skills such as effective communication, creation and innovation, problem solving, perseverance, and flexibility is essential. The driving force for this century is the intellectual capital of citizens. Political, social and economic advances during this millennium will be possible only if the intellectual potential of the younger generations is developed from the early stages of education.'

- Annie Altamirano, author of Now I Know

assessment for learning primary

Assessment for learning

'Some benefits of assessment for learning with primary students are that itbroadens our view of assessment and promotes learner empowerment. Do we want our students to be active participants in their own learning throughgoal setting? Should they demand to know what is expected of them throughthe use of rubrics? Are they capable of monitoring their achievement through self-assessment? I think we should give them the tools to do these things.'

- Annette Flavel, author of Now I Know

ISBNs and components


Level 1 -

Learning to read

Level 1 -

I can read

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Student Book 9781292286778 9781292219233 9781292219394 9781292219516 9781292219622 9781292219738 9781292219844
Student Book with online practice 9781292268729 9781292268736 9781292268743 9781292268750 9781292268767 9781292268774 9781292268781
Teacher's Book with online resources 9781292268712 9781292268798 9781292268804 9781292268811 9781292268828 9781292268835 9781292268842
Workbook with app 9781292219318 9781292219301 9781292219431 9781292219554 9781292219660 9781292219776 9781292219882
Grammar Book - 9781292219172 9781292219349 9781292219462 9781292219585 9781292219691 9781292219806
Speaking and Vocabulary Book - 9781292219226 9781292219387 9781292219509 9781292219615 9781292219721 9781292219837
Audio CD 9781292219158 9781292219141 9781292219325 9781292219448 9781292219561 9781292219677 9781292219783
Picture Cards - 9781292219196 9781292219363 9781292219486 - - -

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