Give your students a unique opportunity to join a global classroom and enter the wide world around them!

Live Classes is a unique worldwide project for secondary teachers and students.

In an exciting partnership between Pearson and the BBC, Live Classes gives students a valuable opportunity to enter a dynamic global classroom. Teachers also gain valuable teaching experience, ideas and skills to help motivate their students in the classroom.

Each Live Class is led by an excellent English teacher, and brings together 10 classes of students from across the globe for a unique and entertaining learning event.

Who can join Live Classes

Live Classes is a unique project for secondary teachers and students all around the world.

Teachers register their class and they join the global classroom together, meeting other groups from different parts of the world joining the same live event.

Since Live Classes is an international project each lesson can be joined by maximum 3 groups from the same country, to give everyone an equal opportunity to enter the global classroom.

live classes


How to join the Live Classes project

Live Classes is a free, open-to-everyone opportunity to join an international class led by an excellent teacher and English speaker.

Take part in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose the best class for your students, considering language level and convenient dates & times.
  2. Register your class to join.
  3. Download the Teacher’s Kit to prepare for the class in advance. You can then expect an email from us with join-in link a week before your lesson.
  4. And remember, if you need to cancel your Live Class, please free up a place for someone else by writing an email to letting us know your Live Class details.
live classes


Why you should join Live Classes

Live Classes is a unique global project that brings many opportunities and benefits for your students, your institution, and yourself, as a teacher of English.

teacher benefits

As an English teacher, you will:

  • provide a unique learning experience to your students
  • motivate your students to learn English
  • innovate your teaching methods through this global project
  • receive support from an excellent English teacher who will give your students a dynamic and highly-effective English lesson
  • receive a certificate of Pearson & BBC Live Classes Champion for your professional portfolio
student benefits

Your students will:

  • gain a unique chance to enter an international class
  • have an opportunity to interact and learn with other teenagers from around the world
  • attend a class led in English by an excellent English teacher
  • get extra opportunities to learn and practice the language
  • receive a certificate of Pearson & BBC Live Classes International Student for their language portfolio
institution benefits

Your institution will:

  • gain kudos by participating in a unique, international project
  • develop its reputation and respect in the eyes of ministry officials, parents and future candidates
  • receive a certificate of Pearson & BBC Live Class Partner School to display in your school


Live Classes overview

Two versions of Live Classes are available for your teenage students.


Trainer: Michael Brand

Level: A2 and above

Topic: An Unusual School

Duration: 45 minutes

Students' age: 12-16

michael brand

Class B

Trainer: John Wolf

Level: B1 and above

Topic: Wild at Heart

Duration: 45 minutes

Students' age: 12-16

john wolf


How to prepare for Live Classes


live classes

Technical requirements

Reliable internet connection
A reliable internet connection is the key success factor for the project.

Please make sure you have a good connection before registering for the project.

Technical devices
For best Live Classes experience (recommended)

  • TV / projector / interactive whiteboard (connected to the laptop if not integrated)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Speakers (internal or external) for sound

Also possible (for groups up to 10 students)

  • A laptop with integrated camera and internal microphone
  • A desktop with external camera and external microphone
live classes schedule

Live Classes schedule

The two versions of Live Classes will be available once a month between October 2018 and April 2019.

On each scheduled date, the lesson will run at 3 different times during the day to help you find the one that is most convenient for you and your students.

Each Live Class can be joined by 10 classes simultaneously.

Do you want to join Live Classes?