A unique learning community for teenage students!

Live Classes is a unique English learning project for secondary teachers and students all around the world.

In an exciting partnership between Pearson and the BBC, Live Classes gives students
a unique opportunity to enter a dynamic global classroom. Teachers also gain valuable teaching experience, ideas and skills to help motivate their students to use English in class and beyond.

Each Live Class is led online by an experienced English teacher, and brings together around 10 classes of students from across the globe for this motivating learning event.

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ELTons award finalist: Innovation in Learner Resources

Pearson and BBC Live Classes has been announced a finalist of 2020 ELTons award in Innovation in Learner Resources category.

The British Council international award recognizes innovative products, projects and solutions that help learners and teachers around the world achieve their goals and shape the future of English language teaching and learning. Read more.

We are proud Pearson and BBC Live Classes has already recognised in this category - the winners will be announced in October 2020.

As part of our final submission we were asked to provide a teaching tip video. For that, we reached to our online community of teachers to ask about their recommendations for distance teaching and see how the experience of Live Classes helped them to move online.

Who is the project for?

Live Classes is a unique project available to all secondary teachers and students between 9 and 19 years old.

Teachers register their class and join a global classroom, meeting other groups from different parts of the world at the same live event.

Since Live Classes is an international project each lesson can only be joined by a maximum of 2 groups from the same country. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to enter the Pearson global classroom.

live classes

Why join Live Classes

Live Classes is a unique global initiative that brings many opportunities and benefits to every teacher, student and school attending.

teacher benefits

As an English teacher, you will:

  • provide a unique learning experience to your students
  • motivate your students to learn English
  • innovate your teaching methods through this global project
  • receive support from an excellent English teacher who will give your students a dynamic and highly-effective English lesson
  • receive a certificate of Pearson & BBC Live Classes Champion for your professional portfolio
student benefits

Your students will:

  • gain a unique chance to enter an international class
  • have an opportunity to interact and learn with other teenagers from around the world
  • attend a class led in English by an excellent English teacher
  • get extra opportunities to learn and practice the language
  • receive a certificate of Pearson & BBC Live Classes International Student for their language portfolio
institution benefits

Your institution will:

  • gain kudos by participating in a unique, international project
  • develop its reputation and respect in the eyes of ministry officials, parents and future candidates
  • receive a certificate of Pearson & BBC Live Class Partner School to display in your school


How to join the Live Classes project

Here are three simple steps you need to follow to join the project:

  1. Choose the best class for your students
  2. Register your class
  3. Follow the instruction you receive in the confirmation email
live classes

Teachers all around the world fell in love with Live Classes!

"It was a wonderful experience and our students learnt a lot."

- Ana Melo, an English teacher from Brazil

Live Classes
Live Classes

"It was a really a great experience and motivation, not only for my pupils but for me also."

- Nataliia Zabiiaka, an English teacher from Ukraine

"I will definitely sign up for another class."

- Catherine Noel Cicconi, an English teacher from Italy

Live Classes
Live Classes

"It inspired us to be more creative and to focus on learning and using English as much as possible."

- Jasmina Kekovic, an English teacher from Serbia

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