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Find ideas, guidance and resources for online classrooms.

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We’re taking a fresh look at important questions and coming up with new answers.

Explore a range of webinars, podcasts, videos and more on topics such as critical thinking, mediation and STEAM from our network of colleagues, researchers, authors and friends around the world.

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Browse our library of upcoming and recorded webinars from authors and experts on a variety of relevant topics, designed to support you.

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Listen to our podcast where we chat with English language experts to share experiences, discuss innovations and explore education trends.

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Resources for your courses, your digital learning tools and more support can now be accessed via the Pearson English Portal.

About the Portal

Teacher resources

If you're a teacher, you can get answer keys and course resources on the Pearson English Portal.

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Student resources

If you're using a Pearson course, you can access audio files and extra revision activities online.

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Bring your young learners together with new digital resources and components, tried and tested lessons, helpful resources for mixed groups and fresh activity ideas that children will love.

We've upgraded our digital components and platforms to support you in planning, managing and delivering your online classes, and ensure that your students get the most out of their course. 

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Whether you're in a classroom, online or managing a mix of both, you can bring them together with methodology ideas from our specialists and resources and digital enhancements.

Our digital components and platforms upgrades are designed to support you in planning, managing and delivering your online classes.

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General & Adult

Whether you’re in tertiary education, a private language school, or a vocational one, you’ve probably had to adapt new ways of working and online teaching.

We're working with teachers and specialists to support you, whatever your context, with the right tools and resources. We've upgraded our digital components and platforms to support you with remote learning.

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When learning is interrupted or learners’ needs change, assessment can bridge the gaps. It can help both teachers and learners re-evaluate and re-focus, setting a strong foundation to move forward.

You won’t skip a beat in your classroom with our fully online assessments. Our proficiency tests can be used to benchmark students' skills, measure progress, assess at the end of a course, and set them up for workforce success.


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Professional Development

The capacity for continuous learning is an essential skill in today’s fast-moving world, and as teachers, you know this better than anyone.

That’s why we’ve created an suite of courses, with flexible formats and access options, designed to support your professional development, wherever you are.

Listening to your concerns, we’re supporting you in developing your expertise in online environments.

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This social and emotional support is designed to support you and your learners through the school year.

In a school setting, mindfulness can help students regulate stress, develop their curiosity and learn to work together with others.

Online teaching and learning

ESAP methodology: Engage, Study, Activate, Practise

These tried and trusted procedures have been reimagined for online and blended classrooms, so you can adapt your teaching to your context and the digital tools you have.

Browse resources with tips and guidance from our specialists:

Portal upgrades

We've made exciting upgrades in the Pearson English Portal:

  • Integrated video conferencing: schedule and run Zoom video meetings within the Portal, with automatic notifications and reminders.
  • eBooks and Interactive eBooks: access all student book resources, including audio and video. Interactive eBooks provide interactive activities as well.
  • Test generator: create the tests your learners need.