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Presenter(s): Ken Beatty, Leonor Corradi, Phil Warwick, Autumn Westphal

Teachers are familiar with online learning: classes held completely via computer or other devices like phones. Many are also experienced in teaching blended learning classes, which combine face-to-face lessons with online learning – separately.

And then there’s hybrid learning.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many teachers have found themselves in the unexpected and challenging position of teaching hybrid classes. That is, they are teaching classes that mix groups of face-to-face and online learners. As a result hybrid-class teachers must develop a new approach to classroom management, teaching, monitoring and student engagement.

Join this round-table as our panel Autumn, Leonor, Ken and Phil Warwick discuss how they have adapted their teaching styles and methods to overcome these challenges.

Presenter(s): Jane Bledsoe Image of Jane Bledsoe

During this session, we will look at research from English language learners and teachers about their motivations and concerns in achieving their goals during the times they cannot be in the classroom. We will look at examples of exam prep resources and teacher tools to bridge the distance for a digital future. And a new approach to score reports that provide immediate remediation recommendations for all levels of learners. Come prepared to take some polls and contribute your thoughts to the discussion.

Presenter(s): Donatella Fitzgerald Image of Donatella Fitzgerald

Join Donatella as she will show how reading and stories can help improve students' wellbeing and at the same time help fill the gap of lost learning as a result of the pandemic. Donatella will share practical ideas and activities to use at home or in class; whether during face to face, hybrid, or online lessons. This session will be relevant for teachers of students of all ages. Donatella will use examples from the Pearson English Graded Readers and the new Disney Kids Readers.

Presenter(s): Leonor Corradi Image of Leonor Corradi

Teachers are always faced with challenges, which the pandemic has widened and deepened. Many teachers have had to change the way to deliver lessons overnight with little, if any help from institutions. Terms such as lost learning, catch-up, back to ‘normal’ are pervasive these days. Despite all this, teaching online heightens our awareness of what we are actually doing in the classroom. This webinar will focus on how teachers can cope with the situation and help students learn.

Presenter(s): Michael Hogan, Chia Suan Chong

This session looks at different theories that underlie what we do in the classroom and how we can apply what we know about language learning to more effectively help learners in both the face-to-face and online teaching environment. We also tell you about a new and innovative approach to your continuing professional development in our entirely-online teacher development programme!

Presenter(s): Andrew Khan Image of Andrew Khan

In this session, we’ll look at remote assessment a year on from the start of the pandemic, revisit the hot topics of privacy and security, and dive deeper into the idea of supplementing end-of-year assessment with benchmarking tests that offer a way to understand and address learning gaps, through the example of the new Versant Professional English Test.

Presenter(s): Amy Malloy Image of Amy Malloy

This session will be like the hug you really need right now. We’re going to breathe and take stock of the past year. We’ll look at how social and technological stressors have put our nervous systems under undue pressure. We’ll look the impact of that on both us as teachers and our students. We’ll revisit the self-care plans we made last year, and make a new plan together for the ongoing situation.

Presenter(s): Eleonora Pessina

Formative assessment is vital to learners’ success, but lack of day-to-day contact makes effective progress monitoring a challenge. This session will explore the secrets to successful remote testing for young learners, and how a straightforward and genuinely engaging test can not only facilitate a stress-free experience for young learners, their parents and their teachers – but also deliver the most valuable insights. Now accessible on tablet or computer, we will use the fun, game-like (and deceptively powerful) English Benchmark Young Learners as our example.

Presenter(s): Magda Kania

Trying to process the heaviness of the past year, we tend to look at problems and challenges, forgetting all the great stuff we did. Amazingly, despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles, what we did as teachers, was amazing, wasn’t it?

In my session I will refer to and reflect on my own experiences over the last year and share some practical ideas that can support teachers in organizing online lessons to engage their students cognitively and emotionally.

Let me show you how impactful our actions can be.

Presenter(s): Kasia Janitz-de-la-Rue

In this session, we will have a look at how teachers and students worldwide are coping with extended hybrid learning and what we can do to make it easier and more effective. We will be discussing topics such as engagement and motivation, as well as how to adapt methodology and processes. This session is for any Primary teacher who has struggled with the new ways of teaching as a result of the pandemic.

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