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Presenter(s) : Sarah Hillyard Image of Sarah Hillyard

There are lots of misconceptions about STEAM. When language teachers hear the words “coding”, “algorithm”, “technology”, “engineering” it can sound overwhelming… daunting… even scary. It’s not about teaching a science lesson, or a maths lesson, instead, it’s about integrating an array of concepts that are built into these subjects while teaching English. This session will debunk some myths and reveal the truth behind them through practical examples (from English Code). Doing STEAM is simpler than you think!

Presenter(s) : Sarah Hillyard Image of Sarah Hillyard

The mission of this webinar is to share ways in which English language primary teachers can help children become future-ready by using STEAM. Learners need to start developing transferable abilities at an early age. Skills such as problem-solving, effective communication, team-building and creativity will be needed in an unknown future of rapid change. (STEAM projects from English Coded will be used to exemplify).

Presenter(s) : Christina Cavage

Mastering academic English is the single highest determinant of academic success in a university program. While building linguistic skills students also need to develop critical thinking skills that to ensure academic success. In this webinar, author and trainer Christina Cavage answers these questions: How do we build the language skills students need to be successful in a wide variety of disciplines while building academic skills as well? When will they be linguistically ready for the rigor that lies ahead? Participants gain an understanding of how rigorous academic language can carefully be scaffolded with systematic skills development to close the skills gap. Participants further explore how by employing several effective practices, teachers can leverage the content and prepare their students for academic success and beyond.


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