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Presenter(s): Jane Bledsoe

How ready are your students for their exams? This session will introduce you to two new English proficiency products that are accessible to candidates 24/7. With featured content from our Pearson English Warmup mobile app and a newly-launched online Readiness test - you will see how you can help students increase their confidence. The Readiness test features a red, amber, green light scheme to alert you and your students if they are ready to test. Remediation suggestions are provided as part of their results. Join us to learn more about how you and your students can know just how ready they are for their General English Proficiency exam.

Presenter(s): Sarah Hillyard

In this webinar you will take part in a STEAM investigation about the techniques that confident STEAM teachers possess.

We will look at the role of the teacher, the impact of questioning techniques and other skills and instructional strategies that will help you carry out STEAM experiences in your language classroom successfully. Self-reflection and sample STEAM projects will be used to highlight these ideas and, hopefully, build your own confidence!  

Presenter(s): Autumn Westphal

Using digital tools to plan and teach lessons is now the new normal as we adjust to the current trends in education.

In this session, new features of the teacher toolkit will be explored and we will discuss how you can use these tools to move your lesson planning from your desk to your desktop.

Presenter(s): Damian Williams

In this session we'll provide an overview of the General English course Roadmap and how it is suited for online classes. We'll start by briefly summarising the research that influenced the design of the course, before looking at the twin track approach to teaching speaking and the other skills, and how to teach those online. We'll also show how it provides a great degree of flexibility to help you navigate the different needs of your learners and teaching environment.

Presenter(s): Magda Kania

John Hattie claims that there are some teachers doing some things that make the difference. If you keep wondering what teaching strategies can make your online lessons more effective and impactful, learn more in this webinar, focused on Online Teaching Methodology ESAP. I present some practical tools and ideas that will help you: - organize your online lesson - engage your students from the very first minute of your online lesson - increase your students’ interaction - ensure that learning outcomes are achieved.

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Duration: 1 hour
Presenter(s): Sue Kay

Speaking tends to be the skill that our teenage learners find most nerve-wracking in their English lessons. So how can we give them the confidence to speak in class? I believe this can be achieved by setting up speaking activities carefully.

In this webinar, I’ll suggest six ways to ensure that students are motivated to speak and are given the support they need to succeed. I’ll illustrate these suggestions with examples from Focus New Editions.

Presenter(s): Ollie Wood

By the end of this webinar you’ll feel more confident teaching using flipped learning. We’ll look at how to flip your classroom for the first time with tips on what to tell your students and/or their parents. We’ll also look at how to plan for a few different lesson shapes: from vocabulary lessons to lessons that include video and social media posts. Finally we’ll discuss student motivation and how we can support all of our learners all of the time.

Presenter(s): Melanie Drake, Derya Uysal

In this session the PTE Academic training team looks at how English language testing has evolved and the gradual move from pen and paper-based testing to the use of technology and automated scoring. They’ll focus on finding connections between tests and how teachers can adapt their teaching practices for students preparing for PTE Academic.

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Moore

With the pandemic continuing to limit face-to-face interactions, many of our adult (and new graduate) students will be facing the already stressful interview process online. Interviewing  via video conference or submitting a video of themselves as part of the process has already become the new norm. This is daunting for the best of us and potentially doubly-worrying for non-native English speakers. This session will provide practical tips and strategoes to support teachers in helping students overcome interview anxiety and better prepare for online job interviews in English.

Presenter(s): Donatella Fitzgerald

Research shows that reading for pleasure can promote better health and wellbeing. What can we do to get our students reading? How can we help them develop literacy and reading skills so that they can enjoy books and become life-long readers? In this webinar we will provide practical ideas and activities using Graded Readers to empower students in their learning and to engage with reading inside and outside the classroom. 

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