• Year Levels 7–10
  • Curriculum ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  • Subject Humanities
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital
  • Learning Focus Geography

What it is

Pearson Geography was built from the ground up to help you prepare for and teach geography to secondary students in Years 7 to 10. It combines:

  • Student Books featuring unique fieldwork tasks across stages and year levels
  • write-in Activity Books catering for a variety of learning styles
  • Teacher Companions including teaching tips and learning strategies.

What it includes

Discover how Pearson Geography improves teaching outcomes.

Australian Curriculum Student Books

The basics

Image for Pearson Geography Australian Curriculum Student Books The Basics

As well as a full literacy review of the student book being conducted to ensure a close connection between text and images, Pearson Geography features:

  • state-based case studies for VIC, QLD, WA, SA and TAS
  • state-based field trips to personalise students’ learning experience
  • chapters broken up into two or four-page spreads and coverable in a lesson
  • illustrative material carefully selected to appeal to students.

Australian Curriculum Student Books

Student eBooks

Image of Pearson Senior Economics Student ebook covers each shown on an Ipad screen.

Pearson Senior Economics Student eBooks include: 

  • access to the student books in a digital, downloadable format 
  • Answers to the workbook activities, including enhanced answers showing fully worked solutions and explanations  
  • Exclusive additional resources, including webinar recordings. 

Australian Curriculum Student Books

Student Workbooks

Image of Pearson Senior Economics Student Workbooks for year 11 and 12.

Pearson Senior Economics Student Workbooks include: 

  • a range of question types  
  • extensive content designed for exam practice
  • independent research tasks to help learners understand core concepts more thoroughly  
  • class activities to support the understanding of more difficult theory. 

Customised classroom resources

Create your own student books

Image for Pearson Geography Create Your Own Student Books

Optionally tailor Pearson Geography to your needs by creating customised student books. Available options include:

  • Student Books
  • Teacher Companions
  • eBooks

Please note: Pearson Geography Reader+ must be purchased separately for $5.00 per eBook. To build your personalised resource, please contact your Education Sales Consultant.

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Group - Activity Books

Adaptable to learning styles

Image for Pearson Geography Adaptable To Learning Styles

Write-in Activity Books cater for a variety of learning styles, reinforcing and enriching skills initiated in the student book.

Group - Activity Books

Flexible applications

The Activity Book can be independently used by students, in-class, or as a complete homework program.


Improved interactivity

Image for Pearson Geography Improved Interactivity

The student eBook enhances and extend the reading experience by integrating multimedia and interactive activities with Reader+. This help learners:

  • quickly navigate through their eBooks
  • take notes as they read
  • flag important sections by saving bookmarks.


Accessible anywhere

The eBooks ensure content is available anytime, anywhere by working:

  • both online and offline
  • across PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The access code with your student book gives 15 months access to the eBook from the date of activation.

Teacher Companions

The Basics

Image for Pearson Geography Teacher Companions The Basics

The Teacher Companion combines:

  • full student book pages
  • a wealth of teacher support
  • content meeting the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Geography

Teacher Companions

Streamlined lesson planning

The Teacher Companion makes lesson prep simpler with a collection of:

  • teaching ideas
  • classroom activities
  • curriculum checklists
  • learning strategies
  • answers to the student and activity book questions.

Samples & downloads

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